Inverter/charger, STUDER XTM 3500

last updated : 2019/03/18
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INVERTER/CHARGER, Studer XTM-3500-24, 3.5kVA - 230V, 24V CH 2 355,00 26,7kg 0,0672m³ Add


General information

Power inverter, 24VDC to 230VAC, 3kVA continuous, 9kVA peak power (5 sec.)

  • Standard inverter for server room first stage backup, combined where needed with APC UPS
  • Minimal recommended Battery capacity is 200Ah. E.g. 2 x 12V/200Ah (EELESOLBA200) or 12 x 2V-cells or greater capacity
  • If there are many and long power cuts, prefer installing 12 x 2V/600Ah (EELESOLBA600) or 2V/1200Ah (EELESOLBA1200) cells
  • Set battery charge current to approx. 10% of nominal battery capacity (e.g. 600Ah -> 60A)
  • Since April 2017, also includes RCC-02 Remote Control and Programming Centre (which can also be ordered as a separate item EELEINVTRCC02) and BTS-01 Battery Temperature Sensor.
  • It is recommended to always install an RCC-02 with the XTM Inverter and VarioTrack charge controller, as it allows viewing the actual values at a glance, changing settings if needed and registering the LOG-files on the microSD-card.
  • Use RCC-02 to adjust input current to your source (generator or breaker rating, 1-32A)
  • BTS-01 battery temperature sensor should be attached onto the battery side.
  • Caution: For countries with 120 or 110V, order EELEINVTST120 instead. Same functionalities as EELEINVTST3.5, but for 120V mains. Both types can be set to 50 or 60Hz as required.
  • Purchase via HQ recommended (compulsory for ICRC). The inverter is functionally tested before shipment.
  • Additional information:




Inverter/charger XTM 3500-24 – 230VAC

DC cables Red/Black 70mm2 1.5m with terminals M10

AC – Input cabling 3 x 2.5mm2 / 5m with Swiss male plug

AC – Output cabling 3 x 2.5mm2 / 5m with Swiss-female plug

Spare fuses CF8 300A

Factory default parameter should be changed by supplier to:

- 1138 DC-charge current =30A (instead of 60)

- 1107 AC-Input max current=12A (instead of 32)


INVERTER/CHARGER, RCC-02 control panel Studer XTM +SD +cable (EELEINVTRCC02)

RCC-02 control panel for Studer Xtender and VarioTrack devices. Provided with SD card & 2m. bus cable.

The connection between RCC-02 and XTM is a straight RJ45 (8-pin) cable, any straight LAN-cable (cat5) can be used. The RCC-02 can be used remotely (via a structured network cabling) up to a cable length of 300m max.
RCC-02 is also used to monitor, configure and record the LOG files for the Solar Charge Controller VT-65  (EELESOLARVT65). One RCC-02 can monitor and configure simultaneously several XTM and VT-65

Operating temperature range

-20°C to +55°C


133x322x466mm (HxWxL)


 21.2 kg (XTM 3500-24)

Installation tools

Use of insulated spanners or wrench is strongly recommended when installing battery banks in general. Short circuits on high-capacity batteries can cause very high currents and heat.


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