last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
INVERTER DC/AC 12/220V 150 VA maximum power CH 157.50 0.47kg 1,452L Add
INVERTER DC/AC 12V/220V, sinus, "Domino III", 500W CH 438.90 6.2kg 0,021525m³ Add
INVERTER, RIPenergy 1000 VA 24V to 230 V - JAZZ PRO 1000 CH 490.00 2kg 0 Add
INVERTER/CHARGER, RCC-02 control panel Studer XTM +SD +cable CH 130.20 1.12kg 3,52L Add

General information

To power 220VAC-equipment from a 12VDC source (Laptops, PBX, PC)

Not suitable to power heavy machinery. This should be used only for equipment which does not accept any power cuts.

Use with solar battery, see item codes EELESOLBA…


1. Motormate 150VA 12VDC to 220VAC non-sinewave. Quiet in HF harmonics

2. ASP Domino 2,  500VA  12VDC to 220VAC pure sinewave with standby circuit.

3. Inverter Charger Studer 2300, 24VDC/220VAC 2300W, 55A charge, sinewave.

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