Batteries, 2 V, sealed, solar/radio

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BATTERY, sealed, 2V, 1200 Ah ,solar/radio CH 606,00 0kg 0 Add
Dangerous : NRA No Restrict, Spec.Provision A67
BATTERY, sealed, 2V, 2000 Ah ,solar/radio CH 1 260,00 0kg 0 Add
Dangerous : NRA No Restrict, Spec.Provision A67
BATTERY, sealed, 2V, 600 Ah, solar/radio CH 337,00 0kg 0 Add
Dangerous : NRA No Restrict, Spec.Provision A67


General information

Battery cells, VRLA-GEL (Valve-Regulated-Lead-Acid, gelled electrolyte) 2V, nominal capacity 600Ah.

Used to form battery banks of 12V, 24V or 48V by connecting 6, 12 or 24 cells in series.

The item refers to one cell of 2V. For setting up a 24V-battery-bank, 12 x EELESOLBA600 must be ordered.

Choose high quality, long life brands only! HQ standard is currently
BAE, model 7 PVV 770.

(Picture is for illustration purposes only, showing different cells of 2V)

NRA67, No Restriction, Special Provision A67

This UN transport regulation allows transporting Gel and AGM lead-acid batteries on board of all planes, passenger and cargo. They are not considered “Dangerous Goods”, but packaging must be labelled with “Non-spillable”.

The batteries are supplied with the short interconnection cables and the M10 screws and (spring)washers needed. The cables to connect the battery-bank to other system components, however, are NOT part of the battery item.

Our supplier adds one longer interconnection cable, allowing to arrange the cells in 2 rows of 6 (making a U-turn). 

Also, a simple Bus bar is supplied with each set of 2V cells, allowing to connect a Inverter XTM3500-24 with a fuse of 300A and a VT-65 or VT-80 with a 80A fuse (CF8-type).

Purchase via HQ recommended. Local purchase is strongly discouraged, unless the supplier delivers a product of very good reputation and can guarantee the proper storage and transport. In case of doubt, order through HQ.




Nominal capacity at C10h (discharged over a period of 10 hours) approximately 729Ah

Only Gel or AGM lead acid batteries/cells can be transported according to special provision A67

SP 67 allows non-spillable lead-acid batteries (Gel or AGM, also called VRLA) even by passenger plane.

Lead-acid batteries/cells with liquid acid (flooded lead-acid, FLA) are not allowed under SP67Water resistant, dust resistant


Delivered on solid pallet box, ISPM 15 compliant

Installation tools

Insulated spanner keys or ratchets are recommended, short circuits with such high-capacity batteries can be dangerous, due to extreme currents.

Spare parts & accessories

EELEINVTDCDISTR   DC DISTRIBUTION PANEL, 300/80A breaker, shunt, fr backupsyst
This item allows for the proper connection of the XTM3500-24 Inverter and from 1 up to 3 VT-80 solar charge controllers, each with its individual circuit breaker (330A and 80A). Also included are the 4m battery cables to connect the DC distribution panel to the battery bank (longer cables upon request).

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