KIT, SOLAR PANELS, 9x300W, high-efficieny

last updated : 2019/02/28
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, SOLAR PANELS, 9x300W hi-eff, mounts & cable MC4 30m CH 3,560.00 300kg 0 Add


General information

Solar PV panels kit

Contains 9 panels (300W, 60 cells, 40Voc), all necessary cables and junctions

Mounting brackets to fix the panels on the roof or on a wall

To be connected in 3 parallel strings of 3 panels in series per string

Voltage will be about 120V (open circuit), max current approx. 27A

With these panels (60 cells), always use an MPPT charge controller, never a PWM type. The maximum power of the 9 panels is approx. 2700 Watts, although the charge controller VT-80 will limit the maximum power to the battery to about 2000 Watts. The advantage of that slight oversizing of the PV array is that there will be more energy harvested in low-light conditions (morning, evening). The oversizing of the PV array does not pose any problems for the charge controller

The panels are quite big and heavy, approx. 1,6m x 1m and 18kg each. Be sure, you can transport and bring them to the installation location easily.

If size and weight may be an issue, consider the KENGSOLA15x100 or KENGSOLA20x100 instead, their panels are much lighter and smaller making them easier to transport and install

The charge controller is NOT INCLUDED, it must be ordered separately

Purchase via HQ recommended (compulsory for ICRC)




9 Solar PV Panels of approx. 300W each

2.7kW peak power approximately

Junction box for paralleling 3 strings of panels, including disconnect switch

All necessary cables (4mm2, with MC-4) to connect 3 strings to junction box

Cable 30m long, 4mm2, for connection from junction box on the roof to charge controller in server room

All necessary elements for aluminium racks for flat roof


Approx.160x100cm (one panel)


18kg (one panel)

Installation tools

None supplied


Spare parts and accessories

EELESOLAVT80ASM   SOLAR REGULATOR, VT-80 MPPT, assembl lightn-prot/break./MC-4

EELEINVTST3.5   INVERTER/CHARGER, Studer XTM-3500-24, 3.5kVA - 230V, 24V

EELESOLBAxxxx   Batteries, solar, sealed Gel, various capacities 400-1200Ah