Batteries, 12 V, sealed, solar/radio

last updated : 2019/03/18
BATTERY, sealed, 12V, about 200Ah, solar/radio
BATTERY, sealed, 12V, about 200Ah, solar/radio
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Dangerous : NRA No Restrict, Spec.Provision A67


General information

12V battery block, lead-acid gel, capacity C20 approximately 200-220Ah.

Suitable for radio stations, solar applications and backup for server room.

VRLA Gel or AGM are non-spilling (IATA SP A67), therefore they can be transported by aircraft.
For server room backup with small autonomy, two EELESOLBA200 are to be connected in series to form a 24V battery.

Alternatively, some manufacturers have 6V-batteries, which may be lighter to handle, but necessitate additional cables.

It is strongly recommended, to always replace all batteries in a battery bank. Combining batteries of different age, capacity or manufacturer will always result in less than optimal performance.

If more capacity than 200Ah is needed, the use of 2V-cells should be considered.

Connecting batteries in parallel is not optimal, imbalances in charge and discharge currents are almost unavoidable. Instead, consider use of EELESOLBA600 (600Ah), EELESOLBA1200 (1200Ah). If needed, higher capacity cells can be also obtained.
Avoid long-time storage. If you need to store the batteries, charge them fully first, re-charge every 2-3 months. Keep storage temperature -if possible- between 20 and 25 degrees.

Main supplier: HQ

Local purchase is discouraged, as huge quality differences exist. Also, if batteries were stored for too long and/or under inappropriate conditions (high temperatures, not recharged for long duration, etc.), the batteries will have a very short life expectancy. You should make sure the supplier can guarantee proper storage.

Additional information:




Lead-acid battery VRLA, Gel or AGM because of transport regulations

12Volt (6 cells) in one battery block

Approximately 200Ah capacity C20

2 handles for lifting & carrying

Minimum 700 cycles at 50% DoD (manufacturer specifications)

Flat connection terminals, with M8 bolt, nut and washer.

Positive terminal fitted with 300A CF8 fuse and special nut (red) for connection of 10mm cable terminal (for standard Studer XTM3500-24 inverter)


Approx. 530 x 240 x 240mm


Approx. 65kg excluding fibreboard box


Delivered in solid fibreboard box, ISPM 15 compliant

Installation tools

Use of insulated tools as for electric works is highly recommended. Accidental short circuiting such batteries with a tool can cause sparks and heat, due to extremely high currents possible.

Spare parts & accessories

EELEFUSECF8100   FUSE, for batteries, CF8 - fuse link 100 A

EELEFUSECF8150   FUSE, for batteries, CF8 - fuse link 150 A

EELEFUSECF8200   FUSE, for batteries, CF8 - fuse link 200 A

EELEFUSECF8250   FUSE, for batteries, CF8 - fuse link 250 A

EELEFUSECF8300   FUSE, for batteries, CF8 - fuse link 300 A

(For use with Studer Xtender XTM3500-24 use a 300A fuse)

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