Solar Panel, 12V 100W, high-efficiency

last updated : 2019/03/18
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SOLAR PANEL, 100W/12V, Hi-eff , 1055x540, 6.9kg CH 203.40 6.9kg 0 Add


General information

High efficiency solar panel, 12V/100W.

Very light and small dimensions as compared to most standard panels (6.7 kg, 540x1055). Allows more energy yield per available surface.

Can be used with PWM charge controller for 12V-systems or 24V-systems (2 panels in series).

With the MPPT charge controller Studer VT-65 (EELESOLARVT65) 5 of these panels can be connected in series, 3-4 strings in parallel.

Includes Pigtail cables with MC4 connectors fixed on panel.

Thanks to the high efficiency of the cells used (over 20%), those panels manage to create the necessary voltage for 12V-systems (over 20V are needed) with only 32 cells.
Before, the general rule was that a panel for a 12V-system needs 36 cells, now that rule is not entirely correct anymore

Purchase via HQ recommended (compulsory for ICRC)



Peak Power (Pmax): 110W

Power tolerance: +/- 3%

Open circuit voltage Voc: 21.90V

Max power point voltage Vmp: 18.56V

Short circuit current Isc: 6.32A

Max power point current Imp: 5.97A

Max system voltage: 1000V


1055x540x35 mm


6.7 kg

Installation tools

None required


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