Battery monitor, for STUDER XTM 3500 inverter/charger

last updated : 2019/03/18
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(studer Xtender) Battery Status Processor BSP500, shunt 500A CH 222,60 0kg 0 Add


General information

Accessory for Studer Xtender (XTM3500-24, EELEINVTST3.5).

Measures precisely the State of Charge (SoC in %) of the connected battery, in order to have a precise idea of how much energy remains available.

The shunt measuring resistor allows to record all the charge (in Ah) that went into and has left the battery, regardless of how many chargers and inverters are connected.

The BSP500 uses the RCC-02 to set the configuration (namely battery nominal capacity) and to display the current values (State of charge, Energy throughput, battery temperature, battery current, etc.).

To correctly display the battery temperature, either:

  • attach the BSP500 to the side of the battery
  • attach the battery temperature sensor BTS-01 to the side of the battery

If there is a BTS-01 connected to the system, the temperature will be measured by the BTS-01 only, if no BTS-01 is connected, the BSP500 will measure the temperature.

Purchase via HQ recommended (compulsory for ICRC)

Additional information

Spare parts and Accessories

EELEINVTST3.5   INVERTER/CHARGER, Studer XTM-3500-24, 3.5kVA - 230V, 24V

EELEINVTDCDISTR   DC DISTRIBUTION PANEL, 300/80A breaker, shunt, fr backupsyst

EELEINVTRCC02   INVERTER/CHARGER, RCC-02 control panel Studer XTM +SD +cable

EELESOLAVT80ASM   SOLAR REGULATOR, VT-80 MPPT, assembl lightn-prot/break./MC-4