Solar charge regulator, STUDER VT 80

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SOLAR REGULATOR, VT-80 MPPT, assembl lightn-prot/break./MC-4 CH 1,344.30 15kg 0 Add


General information

Assembly board with Solar Charge Controller Studer VT-80, circuit breaker (PV side), surge protector and circuit breaker 100A (battery side).

Note: the RCC-02 on the picture is NOT part of the kit. RCC-02 is contained in the Inverter set (EELEINVTST3.5) or can be ordered separately (EELEINVTRCC02)

Purchase via HQ recommended (compulsory for ICRC)




VT-80, max. PV voltage 150V, charge current up to 80A

2.5m battery cable 25mm2

MC-4 connectors to plug in PV array

Caution: MC-4 connectors (PV side) maximum current is 20A!

Backplate must be grounded

Battery minus is on ground

Battery circuit breaker 100A

Installation tools

Insulated spanner keys or rachets are recommended, short circuits with such high-capacity batteries can be dangerous due to extreme currents.


Optional accessories:

KENGSOLA15X100  KIT, SOLAR PANELS, 15x100W hi-eff, mounts & cable MC4 30m

KENGSOLA20X100  KIT, SOLAR PANELS, 20x100W hi-eff, mounts & cable MC4 30m


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