DC distribution panel

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
DC DISTRIBUTION PANEL, 300/80A breaker, shunt, fr backupsyst CH 1 269,30 15kg 0 Add


General information

DC bus-bar for power distribution in solar/backup systems.

NOT FOR 230V!!

Easy connection to battery bank with already attached 90mm2/4m cables of solar charge controllers.

Purchase via HQ recommended (compulsory for ICRC)



300A circuit breaker to connect Studer XTM3500-24

3 circuit breakers 100A to connect charge controllers (EELESOLAVT80ASM)

Battery cables, positive and negative, 90mm2, 4m, with cable terminals 14mm ED

Installation tools

None provided

Spare parts and Accessories

EELESOLAVT80ASM                       SOLAR REGULATOR, VT-80 MPPT, assembl lightn-prot/break./MC-4

KENGSOLA9X300                                              KIT, SOLAR PANELS, 9x300W hi-eff, mounts & cable MC4 30m

KENGSOLA20X100                                              KIT, SOLAR PANELS, 20x100W hi-eff, mounts & cable MC4 30m

EELESOLBA600                                              BATTERY, sealed, 2V, 600 Ah, solar/radio

EELESOLBA1200                                              BATTERY, sealed, 2V, 1200 Ah, solar/radio

EELEINVTST3.5                                              INVERTER/CHARGER, Studer XTM-3500-24, 3.5kVA - 230V, 24V