last updated : 2022/02/28
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KITCHEN SET familly of 5 persons, type "A" CH 21.30 5kg 0,0243m³ Add

General Information

Cooking and serving utensils for 5 people. Does not include a stove or fuel.

Composition is more adapted to African and Western cultures. Type B, item code KRELCOOSETB, is more adapted to Asian culture.
- When ordering a kitchen set, if time allows, the composition of the set can be adapted.

All items are preferably made of stainless steel.

Only one alternative is accepted:
- Aluminium cooking pots and frying pan instead of stainless steel

The specifications below indicate the minimum quality standards for stainless steel and aluminium materials.

Alternative plastic packaging, if available, can be re-used for food or water storage.

Product specifications listed below are for international purchases. For local in-country purchase and distribution, national standards should be looked at and, in most cases, applied.

Attention should be paid not to supply items made from low quality recycled raw materials, where the origin of the raw materials is not controlled, resulting in doubtful durability, or food contact contamination with heavy metals.

Where local quality standards diverge significantly from the specifications below, expertise can be requested from the HQ.

This item is included in purchasing frame agreements, refer to HQ for purchases.

KRELCOOSETA Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
HCOOBOWLSS01 BOWL, for food, 1L, stainless steel5
HCOOCOUSFOTS FORK, table, stainless steel5
HCOOCOUSFP25 FRYING PAN, 2.5L, used as lid for the 7L cooking pot1
HCOOCOUSKNK1 KNIFE, kitchen, stainless steel blade 15cm, plastic handle1
HCOOCOUSKNTS KNIFE, table knife, stainless steel5
HCOOCOUSLS01 LADLE, 100ml, stainless steel1
HCOOCOUSSPSS SERVING SPOON, stainless steel35 ml1
HCOOCOUSSPSW SPOON, wooden, stirring, 30cm1
HCOOCOUSSPTS SPOON, soup, stainless steel, 10 ml5
HCOOCPOT005S COOKING POT, 5L, s.steel, diam 20 cm, with handles and lid1
HCOOCPOT007S COOKING POT, 7L, s.steel, diam 25 cm, with handles1
HCOOCUGLCS30 CUP, stainless steel, with handle, 300ml5
HCOOPLATDES1 PLATE, deep, stainless steel, diam. 22 cm, cap. 0.75L5

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