Jerrycan, plastic, rigid

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
JERRYCAN, rigid, 20L, food grade plastic, screw cap 50mm CH 21,00 1kg 0,025m³ Add

General information

Standard rectangular shape jerrycan for individual or family water collection and storage. Round shape is also acceptable but occupies more volume to transport.

Should be supplied in large quantities only when voluminous transport can be made at reasonable cost.

The recommended size for family use is 20L.

A 50mm opening is the minimum to ensure a minimum waste of water when filling the jerrican. A smaller opening is not recommended.

Some specifications may vary with national standards and local market conditions. For locally sourced items, check the relevant national standards or specifications. Any important variation from the EIC standard needs to be approved by a specialist.


New HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene), blow moulded.

Recycled plastic not allowed.

Suitability for drinking water (containing no toxic elements) to be certified by approved official body.

Injection moulded screw cap of 50mm diameter minimum.

Approximate weight 1kg per piece.

Light colour only (white, yellow), UV treated for long-term outdoor use.

Should resist 5 drop tests from 2m high, full with water.