Stove, firewood, heating and cooking

last updated : 2019/03/18
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STOVE/HEATER, wood/coal burner, 'REDI CAL C2', + cook.pot on request 35kg 0,1m³ Add

General information

Low production cost, high efficiency heating and cooking.  Stove developed by REDI (Renewable Energy Development Institute), based in Geneva.

This Stove will heat a room of 60m³ and cook for up to 20 persons at the same time.  Cooking pots of 15L can be placed in the combustion chamber inside, or on the top of the heating plate.

  • Brings 5L of water from 2°C to boiling after 15min, cooking pot placed on top of the stove.

Possible to manufacture in most countries. The cooking pot depends on the local production capacities (special shape to fit in the cooker).

This is not an emergency item, and is not kept in stock.  Delivery delay approximately 2 months.  In case of local manufacturing, contact ICRC OP-Assistance-EH for full specifications and design.


Made of 1.5mm ordinary steel plate, 10mm concrete iron rods, and 0.8mm galvanised sheet for the windshield. Standard welding and metalwork required.

All drawings and technical data are available at ICRC head quarters.  Royalty of 1% of the local market value of produced burners should be paid to REDI, through ICRC OP/ASSISTANCE, to support their research and development activities.



Composed of:

Heater – Grate - Top cover - Bread cooking plate - Ash tray - Fire spike - Top plate handle - Ash remover - Cooking pot 15L

Chimney set for house, composed of:

3 Elbow/Bends, 120mm, 90°

2 Pipes, 120mm, 1m

2 Pipes, 120mm, 0.5m

1 Pipe outlet cover, 120mm

1 Window passing plate, 0.33 x 0.33m, galvanised, with hole 120mm