Stove, gas

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
STOVE, gas burner, 'REDI BSG2', 2kw, straight burner CH 157.50 5kg 0,02m³ Add
STOVE, gas burner, 'REDI REGA', 6kw, U shaped burner on request 6kg 0,02m³ Add
STOVE, gas burner, 'REDI REGA 10', 10kw, square shape burner on request 7kg 0,02m³ Add

General information

Simple gas burners especially designed by REDI (Renewable Energy Development Institute), based in Geneva.

Uses propane, butane, methane, and natural gas.

  • Supplied with 1 jet only, fitted in place, according to the type of gas and climatic condition.
  • ‘REGA 2.5’ recommended for small family.
  • ‘REGA 5’ recommended for large family.
  • ‘REGA 10’ recommended for community cooking.

Possible to manufacture in most countries at a modest price.

Supplied with flexible gas pipe, and a pressure regulator.

This is not an emergency item, and is not kept in stock.  Delivery delay approximately 2 months.  In case of local manufacturing, contact ICRC OP-Assistance-EH for full specifications and design.


Made of ordinary steel pipes, plates and iron rods.  Standard welding required.  If local production of the jet is not possible, it may be ordered abroad.

All drawings and technical data available at ICRC head quarters.  Royalty of 1% of the local market value of produced burners should be paid to REDI, though ICRC OP/ASSISTANCE, to support their research and development activities.