Stove, liquid fuel

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
STOVE, kerosene fire furnace "Redi" 175 maxiexago CH 357.00 0kg 0 Add
STOVE, kerosene burner, 'REDI V1', 3.5 kw CH 57.00 5kg 0,023m³ Add
STOVE, kerosene burner, 'REDI V2', 8kw CH 31.50 7kg 0,023m³ Add
STOVE, kerosene burner, 'REDI V3', 15kw CH 33.10 10kg 0,03m³ Add

General information

Low consumption, high efficiency, especially developed by REDI (Renewable Energy Development Institute), based in Geneva.

  • Uses diesel, or kerosene (paraffin).
  • Never use with gasoline or denatured alcohol.

Helps preserve forests by using other fuels.

Consumption and recommended use

Type V1

0.25 L/h

recommended for small family.

Type V2

0.75 L/h

recommended for large family.

Type V3

2.25 L/h

recommended for community cooking, such as hospital, schools, or feeding centres. Can be used with cooking kettle up to 200 litres.

Typical efficiency

Type V1

5L of water at 10°C to boiling in 17 minutes using 50g of fuel.

Type V2

10L of water at 10°C to boiling in 16 minutes using 195g of fuel.

Type V3

80L of water at 20°C to boiling in 50 minutes using 1050g of fuel.


Comparable to the pressure burner with high pressure tank and air pump; works only by gravity, with less danger of fire and breakdowns of the air pump.

For medical sterilisation equipment, refer to Vol.2 of the catalogue, code XSTEAUTO90BK.

Possible to manufacture in most countries, at modest price.

This is not an emergency item, and is not kept in stock.  Delivery delay approximately 2 months.  In case of local manufacturing, contact ICRC OP-Assistance-EH for full specifications and design.


Made of ordinary steel pipes, plates and concrete iron rods. The work can be done in a moderately equipped workshop.

Good welding is required.  If local production of the jet is not possible, it may be ordered abroad.

All drawings and technical data available at ICRC head quarters.  Royalty of 1% of the total amount of the local market value of produced burners should be paid to REDI, through ICRC OP/ASSISTANCE, to support their research and development activities.

Composed of:

Burner. Plastic pipe. Reservoir for liquid fuel. Jet cleaning wire.

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