(IEHK, Supplementary Unit) RENEWABLE ITEMS

last updated : 2019/03/20
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
(IEHK, SUPPLEMENTARY UNIT), Renewable items CH 1,735.00 0kg 0 Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
KMEDKIAE01SR Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
APACTAPE50BR TAPE ADHESIVE, brown, 50mmx60m for packing1
DDGTURINM10 URINE TEST,pH/den/prot/gluc/cet/bld/nit/lc/bili/urob,1 strip100
MCTDBAGU2L BAG, URINE, 2 l, w/ tap + non-return valve, graded, sterile10
MCTDCUFO12 CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 12, sterile, disp.10
MCTDCUFO14 CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 14, sterile, disp.10
MCTDCUFO18 CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 18, sterile, disp.10
MCTDTFEE06 TUBE, FEEDING, CH 06, Luer tip, 50 cm, disposable20
MCTDTFEE08 TUBE, FEEDING, CH 08, Luer tip, 50 cm, disposable50
MCTDTGAS16 TUBE, GASTRIC, CH 16, conical tip, 120cm, sterile, disp.10
MDRECOMPG10 COMPRESS, GAUZE, 10 x 10 cm, 8 plys, 17 thr., ster., 2 pcs1500
MDRECOMPG10N COMPRESS, GAUZE, 10 x 10 cm, 8 plys, 17 threads, non-ster.2000
MINSCNTR5C CONTAINER, SAFETY, for used syringes & needles, 5 l50
MINSINFS1 INFUSION SET, min. 150cm, with air intake and inj. site300
MINSIVCAS18 IV CANNULA, G18, 1.3 x 45 mm, with inj. site, green, safety100
MINSIVCAS20 IV CANNULA, G20, 1.1 x 33 mm, with inj. site, pink, safety50
MINSIVCAS24 IV CANNULA, G24, 0.7 x 19 mm, yellow, safety50
MINSNEEDV21 NEEDLE, SCALP VEIN, G 21, 0.8 x 19 mm, green100
MINSNEEDV25 NEEDLE, SCALP VEIN, G 25, 0.5 x 19 mm, orange300
MINSSYRD1 SYRINGE, 1 ml, 0.01 ml graduation, disposable240
MINSSYRD10 SYRINGE, 10 ml, 2 parts, disposable600
MINSSYRD100 SYRINGE, 100 ml, 3 parts, with catheter and Luer nose160
MINSSYRD20 SYRINGE, 20 ml, 2 parts, disposable160
MINSSYRD5 SYRINGE, 5 ml, 2 parts, disposable2000
MMRECLAMUM CLAMP, UMBILICAL, single use, sterile100
MMRERAZOTHC RAZOR, T-shape handle, w/ comb/blade/protective cap, s.use100
MMRETODEW TONGUE DEPRESSOR, wood, non sterile500
MSNSABSB30R1 ABS, BRAID. VI, 3-0 US/2 E, 70 cm, n. 1/2-18.5 mm round,2150144
MSNSNABM30R1 NON ABS, MONO PP, 3-0 US/2 E, 75cm, n. 1/2-17 mm round, 8872144
MSTECONRS20 CONTROL STRIP, TST(T°-steam-time),121°-20min,39L autoclave500
MSTEPAPE9S PAPER, STERILIZATION, 60gr/m2, 90x90cm, crepe, sheet250

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