last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SYRINGE, 1 ml, 0.01 ml graduation, disposable CH 0.05 0.0033kg 0,02964L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
SYRINGE, 10 ml, 2 parts, disposable CH 0.04 0.0084kg 0,085833L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
SYRINGE, 10 ml, 2 parts, polypropyl., autoclavable 50 times on request 0kg 0 Add
SYRINGE, 2 ml, 2 parts, disposable CH 0.02 0.0036kg 0,03192L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
SYRINGE, 20 ml, 2 parts, disposable CH 0.06 0.013kg 0,1204L Add
Item to be justified
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
SYRINGE, 5 ml, 2 parts, disposable CH 0.03 0.006kg 0,059L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
SYRINGE, INSULIN, 1ml / 100 IU, + needle, sterile, s.u. CH 0.07 0kg 0 Add
Item to be justified

General information

For injection and various other uses, including mixing.


2-piece SYRINGE:

One barrel and one plunger: MINSSYRD2, MINSSYRD5, MINSSYRD10, MINSSYRD20



BARREL, with finger grip.


- Materials: medical grade PE (polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene); transparent for easy reading and for detecting air bubbles.


- Cylindrical shape.


- Graduation scale: clear, water resistant:


for 2ml syringe every 0.1ml


for 5ml syringe every 0.2ml


for 10ml syringe every 0.5ml


for 20ml syringe every 1ml


- Ends in a male Luer tip (conical with 6% taper).


Concentric for 2 and 5ml syringes.


Eccentric for 10 and 20ml syringes.



- Material: PP (polypropylene)


- Slides inside the barrel.


- In two-part syringes, the seal results from the local distortion of the barrel when the plunger is displaced.


3-piece SYRINGE: one barrel, one plunger and an elastomeric piston seal: MINSSYRD1, MINSSYRDI1N



Same as 2-piece syringe:

-1ml syringe, graduation line every 0.01ml.


Same 2-piece syringe:


- Material: elastomer, medical grade.


- Located at the end of the plunger.


- Ensures a secure and safe seal.


Syringe for insulin, including needle: MINSSYRDI1N


Syringe (3-part type):

Identification: orange (cap and/or marking), international colour code system.


Graduations are adapted for insulin concentrations of 100 IU.


Larger graduations every 10 IU (Scale: 0.01ml = 1IU).


the end of the plunger head - used as a reference line-  must be visible and  well defined in order to determine the graduated capacity corresponding to all graduations on the syringe barrel


Stainless steel, fixed syringe.


Length: 12 to 16mm (27 to 29G).


External Ø maximum 0.45mm (ISO 7864 standard).

Quality  requirements:

Complies with European Medical Devices Directive, Council Directive 93/42/EEC or equivalent.


- EN-ISO7886-1: Sterile hypodermic syringe for single use: part 1: syringe for manual use


- EN-ISO20594-1: Conical fittings with 6 % (Luer) taper for syringes, needles and certain other medical equipment - Part 1: General requirements

Unit presentation:

One syringe, single-use, sterile, individually peel packed

Primary packaging:

Labelling: Manufacture’s name and/or trademark, product description and reference number, "sterile" with sterilization method, lot number, expiry date by year and month, "for single use", and CE mark and reference number of notifying body. Must be multilingual: English, French and Spanish, others when available.

Secondary packaging:

Protected unit, one (1) box 100-unit presentation; labelling is the same as that of the primary packaging.


Number of units per secondary packaging, information for product-specific storage conditions (e.g., temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.).

Transport packaging:

Labelling: Same as secondary packaging with product-specific transport  and storage instructions, where applicable, and quantity of secondary packages.



Needle must be ordered separately, except for the insulin syringe.