Indicator, control for sterilizers, TST (Time, Steam, Temperature)

last updated : 2018/12/31
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TAPE, AUTOCLAVE, 19mm x 50m CH 2.52 0.1146kg 0,394875L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C

General information

Indicates a successful sterilization process, but CANNOT be used to verify the correct functioning of an autoclave nor that items have been properly sterilized.


The adhesive autoclave tape is a Class 1 steam-sensitive indicator tape.

The tape only provides visual confirmation that a pack has been exposed to steam pressure.



Crepe, glue, ink


Beige adhesive crepe paper with white diagonal stripes


When exposed to steam at 121°C for 3 minutes or 134°C for 30 seconds the diagonal white ink stripes will irreversibly change  colour to black.


Width 19mm, length +/- 50m

Unit presentation:

1 roll, packed with adequate protection, with "autoclave" written on the inside of the spool.


Manufacture’s name and address, product reference number, expiry date.


- Shelf life: 3 years, check expiry date on box.


- Temperature: < 30°C, protect from light and humidity.

Other requirements:

Must comply with standard EN ISO 11140-1:2005: Sterilization of health care products- Chemical indicators. General requirements


Note: Three parameters are required for a successful sterilization: temperature, steam pressure and time. The autoclave tape measures only one parameter: steam.