Safety container

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CONTAINER, SAFETY, for used syringes & needles, 5 l CH 1.37 0.334kg 0,92928L Add

General information

For disposal of used syringes, needles and scalpel blades.

Single use: to be destroyed with its contents by incineration.

Distributed and stored in collapsible form.





Volume: 5 litres


Capacity: 100 disposable (standard or auto-disable) syringes and needles.


Outer dimensions:


- before assembling: 590 x 283 x 5mm approx.


- after assembling: 290 x 162 x 125mm approx.


Thickness of walls: 1.1-4.4mm


Weight, fully assembled: 250-350g


Diameter of syringe insert hole: 30-38mm




Notching system for hermetic sealing (inferior and superior parts).


Features: Boxes should be equipped with a carrying handle and have directions for use and destruction printed on the box.

Other Requirements:

Must comply with WHO Performance Specification E10/IC.1