Catheter, urinary

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 08, sterile, disp. CH 0.79 0.02kg 0,198L Add
CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 10, sterile, disp. CH 0.80 0.0188kg 0,2165L Add
CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 12, sterile, disp. CH 0.77 0.026kg 0,206L Add
CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 14, sterile, disp. CH 0.79 0.026kg 0,253L Add
CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 16, sterile, disp. CH 0.79 0.0287kg 0,258622L Add
CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 18, sterile, disp. CH 0.79 0.0301kg 0,2576L Add
CATHETER, URINARY, FOLEY, w/ balloon, CH 20, sterile, disp. CH 0.79 0.0262kg 0,2L Add
CATHETER, URINARY, NELATON, female, CH 12, sterile, disp. on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

A tube designed for insertion in the bladder cavity, via the urethra, in order to drain off urine, instil a liquid or irrigate the bladder.

Two channel tubes only.

To facilitate its introduction, use lubricant jelly. Avoid any lubricating substances that may cause physical or chemical changes to the catheter.

Never re-sterilize a catheter (it is for single use only). Asepsis rules must be strictly adhered to when handling catheters due to the high infection risks in urology.

Recommended sizes: children 8-10, adults 16-18 most common.


Medical device for therapeutic use: A standard 2-way catheter has a straight and hollow pointed catheter, Foley type, with a rounded atraumatic end tip, 2 eyelets, 1 balloon and a universal funnel connector.



Silicone-coated natural latex.


A catheter consists of a hollow 2-way cylindrical tube with:


- 1 central channel for urinary drainage.


- Bladder side ends in a round or cylindrical atraumatic tip with 2 opposing eyelets.


- Collector side has a universal and hollow truncated cone (funnel) to connect the urine bag, spigot, syringe or irrigating device.


- 1 side channel for balloon inflation: ending in a non-return valve with a Luer connection and 1 inflatable balloon.


Length: +/-30cm children; +/-40cm adults


Diameter ranges:  children CH 08 and CH 10; adults CH 12 to CH 20


Balloon expansion capacity: children 3-5ml; adults 15ml


Catheter size and balloon capacity must be indicated on the catheter.


For safety, the catheter must be double packaged.

Unit presentation:

1 catheter, sterile, single-use, double-packaged: an interior layer and an outer peel pack.

Primary packaging:

Labelling: Name and/or trademark of manufacturer, "sterile", lot number, expiry date by year and month, "for single use", and CE mark and reference number of notifying body. Must be multilingual: English, French and Spanish, others when available.

Secondary packaging:

Protected unit, one (1) box with 10-unit presentation, labelling is the same as primary packaging.

Additional required information: Number of units per secondary packaging.

Information for product-specific storage conditions (e.g., temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.).

Outer packaging:

Packaging unit: strong carton


Complies wiht the norm EN 1616: Sterile urethral catheter for single use.

Medical device directive 93/42/EEC, risk class IIa