last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
TUBE, FEEDING, CH 05, Luer tip, 50 cm, disposable on request 0kg 0 Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
TUBE, FEEDING, CH 06, Luer tip, 50 cm, disposable CH 0.42 0.0075kg 0,12064L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
TUBE, FEEDING, CH 08, Luer tip, 50 cm, disposable CH 0.34 0.0084kg 0,12064L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
TUBE, FEEDING, CH 10, Luer tip, 50 cm, disposable CH 0.30 0.0098kg 0,12064L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
TUBE, FEEDING, CH 16, Luer tip, 50cm, disposable on request 0kg 0 Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C

General information

For gastro-enteral feeding using Luer-tip syringes.

For ventricular lavage.


A thin, flexible and hollow sterile cylinder used to access a patient’s stomach through the nose and nasopharynx; used primarily for enteral feeding and administering medication.


Synonym: Nasogastric feeding tube. 



Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), medical grade.


- Single channel tube.


- Radio-opaque line for continuous X-ray.


- Marked 20cm from the distal end.


- Round and smooth-ended tip.


- Two opposite ovals, displaced side holes or eyelet.


- Connector with a Luer tip and stopper.


- Length: for size CH06 and CH08 is 40-50cm; for CH10 50-60cm.

Unit presentation:

1 feeding tube, sterile, single-use, peel pack.

Primary packaging:

Must be supplied in a sterile peel or blister pack. Labelling should mention: Manufacturer’s name and/or trademark. "sterile", lot number, expiry date by year and month, "for single use", CE mark and reference number for notifying body, product description, and instructions for use. Must be multilingual: English, French and Spanish, others when available.

Secondary packaging:

Protected unit, one (1) box with 50- or 100-unit presentation, labelling to is the same as that of primary packaging.


Additional required information: Number of units per secondary packaging. Information for product-specific storage conditions (e.g., temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.).

Other requirements:

Norms: Must comply with:


- Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, risk class IIa


- EN 1615: Enteral feeding catheters and enteral giving sets for single use and their connectors - Design and testing


- EN 550 Sterilization of Medical Devices - Validation and Routine Control of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization.


- Use syringe MINSSYRD100 SYRINGE, 100ml, 3 parts, with catheter and a Luer nose.

- For sizes higher than CH10, use gastric tube MCTDTGAS.