Tool kit for general purpose

last updated : 2019/03/18
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KIT, TOOL BOX for general purpose - TK1 CH 1,339.40 47.5kg 0,1288m³ Add

General information

Most current tools for small house maintenance, first level mechanic work, carpentry…

Tools for precision work can also be found in the kit for radio-com code KCOMTOOLMEC

All tools of good quality, enabling daily use for at least one year.

  • Selection of tools depends on local availability. It is recommended to select reputed brands, available with reliable suppliers for after sales service, accessories, etc.
  • To enable offers comparison, particularly for the power equipment, select one model in one brand.


Good quality tools, for long term intensive use.

KENGTOOL01 Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
APACTRUN100 TRUNK, metal, 80x45x35, lock bar, 2 handles1
ASTAPENSMMBK MARKER PEN, permanent, medium size, black1
EELEECONIR19 TAPE, insulating, PVC coated canvas, 19mm x 30m, black10
EHDWGLUEARA1 GLUE, epoxy 2 components, rapid, 2 tubes 15ml2
EHDWGLUEL243 GLUE, Loctite n.243, blue thread lock, btl. 50ml1
EHDWHOOKSET1 HOOK, set of 4 safety hooks1
EHDWLOCKPD50 PADLOCK 65/50 abus, 3 keys1
EHDWLUBRR001 OIL, PENETRATING, 500 ml, spray tin1
EHDWNAILW080 NAILS, hot galvanised iron, for wood, 8cm (3"), 1kg1
EHDWSCRPPS01 PLUG SET, for solid material, for 2 to 8mm screw, box of 1401
EHDWSCRSSET1 SCREWS, wood work, 2 to 8mm, 2kg, set1
EHDWSEALSIW4 SILICONE COMPOUND, white, rot proof, cartridge1
EHDWSHACDG06 SHACKLE, D, iron galva., diam. 6 mm, straight1
EHDWSHACDG12 SHACKLE, D, iron galva., diam. 12 mm, straight1
EHDWSHACDG20 SHACKLE, D, iron galva., diam. 20 mm, straight1
EHDWWIRETR11 TIE WIRE, galvanised, diam. 1.1 mm, 25 m, roll1
EHDWWIROCG03 CLAMP, galva. for iron wire rope 3 mm diam.1
EHDWWIROCG10 CLAMP, galva. U shape, for iron wire rope 10 mm diam.1
EHDWWIROCG14 CLAMP, galva. U shape, for iron wire rope 14 mm diam.1
EMACDRILCL14 DRILL-FASTENER, cordless 14,4 V 4 Ah-li, type BL1440, 13mm1
EMEALEVEL400 LEVEL, aluminium, 400 mm, standard, vertic. horizont. vials1
EMEAMETACG16 CALIPER GAUGE, max. 150mm, universal, to 1/50mm1
EMEAMETASCR2 SCRIBER, steel, hardened chrome-vanadium tips, 190mm1
EMEAMETASQR3 SQUARE, mason type, 600 x 300mm, painted steel1
EMEARULEF500 RULE, stainless, flexible, 0.5mm, 2 sides mm-1/2mm, 500mm1
EMEATAPMLT20 MEASURING TAPE, plastic coated tape 16mm, 20m, in roll box1
EMEATAPMRO52 MEASURING TAPE, 5m, 19mm tape, metric and inch, rolling case1
ETOOBOXTB445 TOOL BOX, 5 trays, 445 x 220 x 215mm1
ETOOCHISMF20 CHISEL, flat 20mm, for masonry, 300mm length1
ETOOCHISWF12 CHISEL, for wood, flat 12mm, wood handle1
ETOOCHISWF28 CHISEL, for wood, flat 28mm, wood handle1
ETOOCLAMB040 BAR CLAMP, max. opening 400mm, bar 30 x 8mm1
ETOOCUTTKN51 KNIFE/CUTTER, retract. chang. stout blade, 150mm, alu. body1
ETOOCUTTKN5B BLADE, for knife/cutter alu 150mm, normal cut5
ETOOCUTTSHE1 SHEARS, straight, for metal sheet, semi-hard 1mm max., 255mm1
ETOOCUTTST01 SHARPENING STONE, fine-medium, 200 x 50 x25mm1
ETOODRILHS19 DRILL BIT SET, HSS Polished flutes,19pcs 1-10mm, 0.5mm incr.1
ETOODRILM712 DRILL BIT SET, masonry, SDS diam 6/8/10/12/16/20 mm1
ETOOFILEFM25 FILE, flat, medium cut, 25x250mm1
ETOOFILEWRHR WOOD RASP, half round, 250mm, with handle1
ETOOHAMMCARP HAMMER, nail claw, carpenter type, 800g, steel + plast. hand1
ETOOPENSCARP PENCIL, carpenter, 300mm1
ETOOPLIC2024 PLIER, nippers, up to 2mm hard wire, 240mm length1
ETOOPLIECO18 PLIER, combination, 180mm length1
ETOOPLIEMU25 PLIER, multigrip, standard, max. open. 52mm, 250mm length1
ETOOPLIL0825 PLIER, LOCK GRIP, 100mm max. opening, 250mm length1
ETOOPUNCAW15 AWL, piercing, square 10 x 10 mm, blade 150mm, plast. handle1
ETOOPUNCMP12 PUNCH, center punch, chrome finish, 120mm length1
ETOOSAWSHA30 HACKSAW, steel bar frame, wood handle, wing nut, L. 300mm1
ETOOSAWSHA3N BLADE BI-METAL, for hacksaw, 12 inches, 24 teeth3
ETOOSAWSW400 HANDSAW, for timber, 400mm blade1
ETOOSCDRS101 SCREWDRIVER SET, 8 pieces: 5 flat, 3 Phillips1
ETOOSEALGU40 APPLICATOR GUN, for cartridge 400g, for silicone and else1
ETOOSOCKS3M2 SOCKET SPANNER SET, 1/2" square drive, 6 points, 8 to 32mm1
ETOOWELDBRBL WIRE BRUSH, block type, steel wire1
ETOOWRENAD08 WRENCH, ADJUSTABLE, maxi 27mm, length 8", intensive use1
ETOOWRENCMS3 SPANNER SET, combinaison, open + 15deg ang. ring, 6 to 32mm1
HSHEROPE01N ROPE, NYLON, polyamide, d:1mm,braided string, per m1
WTOOSEALTEFL SEAL TAPE, 'Teflon', for water connectors, roll 12mm x 12m1

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