last updated : 2019/03/19
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SQUARE, carpenter type, 250mm, steel CH 38,70 0kg 0 Add
SQUARE, mason type, 600 x 300mm, painted steel CH 10,10 0kg 0 Add


General information

Squares for all kind of usage in building, carpentry, etc.

Several types available, according to intended usage:

  • Mason square is a flat steel square of large dimension, used by mason, bricklayers, etc.
  • Carpenter square has one flat long side, ruled, and a thicker stock, normally used by carpenters, adjusters, etc.


Mason square

Good quality painted flat steel

Dimension: 600 x 300mm, 5mm thick


Carpenter square

Good quality stainless steel blade with high quality durable engraved metric scale.

Good quality aluminium stock, strongly fitted with minimum 3 rivets.

Dimension: 250 x 100mm

Thickness: blade 0.9mm minimum, stock 13mm minimum