Glues and thinners

last updated : 2019/03/20
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
GLUE, epoxy 2 components, rapid, 2 tubes 15ml CH 12.00 0.055kg 0,432L Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN 3082 CLASS 9. .
GLUE, cyanolite, rapid, precision, all materials, tube 3ml CH 21.00 0.025kg 0,2376L Add
GLUE, neoprene contact, tube 120g CH 16.00 0.15kg 0,44L Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN 1133 CLASS 3. .
GLUE, neoprene contact, tin 300g CH 4.00 0.15kg 0,48L Add
GLUE, for PVC pipes, 300g, tin on request 0.35kg 1L Add
GLUE, wood, waterproof exterior use, container 1L CH 18.00 1.2kg 1,5L Add
THINNER, trichlo-ethylene, 1L CH 14.00 1kg 1,2L Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN 1263 CLASS 3. .


General information

Each usage has its specific glue.

Glue for PVC pipe is completely different from the glue for PVC sheets. The repair kit for the flexible water tank includes the glue for PVC sheet, glue for PVC pipe cannot replace it.

"Cyanolit" glue is very dangerous and must be used carefully.

Wood glue must be waterproof, in case of outdoor use.

Most common thinner is the trichlo-ethylene, caution: vapour is toxic.

Be careful of bad quality copies of well-known trademarks.

Buy in well sealed small containers. Test several pieces in case of large quantities.


Glue as per the description, of good quality, from certified manufacturers according to national or ISO standard.