last updated : 2019/03/19
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
HAMMER, nail claw, carpenter type, 800g, steel + plast. hand CH 14.30 0kg 0 Add
CLAW HAMMER, carpenter type, 750g, wood handle on request 0kg 0 Add
HAMMER, standard, hardened steel, wood handle, 300g CH 3.80 0.4kg 0,7875L Add
HAMMER, standard, hardened steel, wood handle, 500g CH 4.50 0.6kg 1,152L Add
HAMMER, standard, hardened steel, wood handle, 1500g CH 9.20 1.78kg 2,128L Add
SLEDGE HAMMER, hardened steel, wood handle, 1200g, 250mm CH 9.10 0kg 0 Add
SLEDGE HAMMER, hardened steel, wood handle, 1750g, 250mm CH 13.70 1.6kg 1,54L Add
SLEDGE HAMMER, hardened steel, wood handle, 4800g, 900mm CH 25.20 5.4kg 0,01008m³ Add

General information

Standard hammer for carpenter and most of general building and maintenance work.





Carpenter hammer, head and handle. One side flat, one side claw.


High-carbon steel head, treated to achieve a martensitic structure, with dressed striking faces.

Quality of make

No dents, no cracks, smooth surface and edges. No excess metal in the eye.

Weight of the head

750g +/- 1%

Rockwell hardness C (HRC)

50 minimum to 58 maximum on striking faces.

Rockwell hardness  C (HRC)

35 maximum closed to the eye.

Applicable standard


Handle: No chips, rough surfaces, holes, or knots. Smooth polished varnished surface. Dry, strong, and flexible wood. Handle adjusted to head in order to protrude on other side of the head, and be blocked with a metal wedge.

Moisture minimum 10%, maximum 15%, under ISO3130.

Pull apart test: After two series of 25 vigorous blows with varying delivery angle, apply a traction of minimum 50kg trying to pull out the handle, head being fixed in a jaw, this should not create any damage to the hammer head and the handle, and the handle should remain firmly attached to the head.

Bending test: For claw hammer only, apply a load perpendicularly to the axis of the handle and close to the end, so as to obtain a 125 N.m torque, irrespective of the size of the hammer. The load shall start at zero and be applied gradually, without jerking. The test load shall be held for at least 10s. This should not create any damage the hammer head and handle.