Rubble removal kit

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, RUBBLE REMOVAL, hand tools, bags, buckets, protection on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

The list below shows a number of possible items to include into a rubble removal kit.

- The content list of the kit needs to be adapted to every situation.


Refer to each individual item for technical specifications.

Here under list of content is example only

Need to adapt to local situation

KRELRUBR01 Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
APACBAGP100 BAG, PE plastic, for garbage, 100L, black, 0.07mm1
APACBAGPRW11 BAG, coated woven PE, for rubble, 100L, 100g/m21
APACTAPE50RS TAPE ADHESIVE, canvas reinforced, 50mmx50m roll, silver1
APROBOOTR44 BOOTS, heavy duty plastic rubber, pair, size 441
APROGLOVHD11 GLOVE, protection, heavy duty soft leather, size 11, pair1
APROGLOVRU10 GLOVES, chemical protection, heavy duty rubber,size 10 pair1
APROGOOGPL GOGGLES, plastic, with rubber string, eyes protection1
APROHELM7 HELMET, builder, plastic, white, size 51-621
APROMASKDGD MASK, vapor/dust protection FFP2 dispos half mask,with valve1
EHDWWIRETR15 TIE WIRE, galvanised, diam. 1.5 mm, 25m, roll1
ETOOBUCKR10 BUCKET, heavy duty rubber, masonery type1
ETOOCHISMF20 CHISEL, flat 20mm, for masonry, 300mm length1
ETOOCROBA300 CROWBAR, with angled beak, 300 mm length1
ETOOCROBA500 CROWBAR, with angled beak, 500 mm length1
ETOODIGB1602 DIGGING BAR, in 2 pieces with thread joint, 1.6m1
ETOOHAMMSL10 SLEDGE HAMMER, hardened steel, wood handle, 1200g, 250mm1
ETOOHAMMSL48 SLEDGE HAMMER, hardened steel, wood handle, 4800g, 900mm1
ETOOWHEBS90L WHEEL BARROW, approx. 90L dry solids, strong solid wheel1
HCONBUCKG25 BUCKET, metal, galvanised, 25l1
HHYGCLEMBRPU BROOM, push broom type, 45cm width, without handle1
HHYGCLEMFLBM FLOOR BLADE, squeegee, rubber, 45cm, without handle1
HHYGGLOVKITL GLOVE, cleaning, rubber, large1
HSHEROPE12PB ROPE, POLYPROPYLENE, black, diam. 12mm, twisted1
RAGRTOOLAXE4 AXE, 1kg head, with safety handle1
RAGRTOOLSHO2 SHOVEL, round point with Y handle, total lenght approx.1m1