Carpenter kit

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, CARPENTER, hand tools, fixing, measuring, tarpaulins on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

The list below shows a number of possible items to include into a carpenter kit.

- The content list of the kit needs to be adapted to every situation.


Refer to each individual item for technical specifications.

Here under list of content is example only

Need to adapt to local situation

KRELCARP01 Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
EHDWNAILRS01 NAILS, ROOFING, 75mm (3"), hot galva. + rubber washer, 0.5kg1
EHDWNAILT025 NAIL, tack nail, 2.5cm (1"), iron, per kg1
EHDWNAILW025 NAILS, hot galvanised iron, for wood, 2.5cm (1")1
EHDWNAILW040 NAILS, hot galvanised iron, for wood, 40mm, (1.1/2")1
EHDWNAILW050 NAILS, hot galvanised iron, for wood, 5cm (2"), 1kg1
EHDWNAILW075 NAILS, hot galvanised iron, for wood, 7.5cm (3")1
EHDWNAILW100 NAILS, hot galvanised iron, for wood, 10cm (4"), 1kg1
EHDWNAILW150 NAILS, hot galvanised iron, for wood, 15cm (6"), 1kg1
EHDWSTRAHS16 HURRICANE STRAP, galvanized, perforated, 32mm, coil 30m1
EHDWWIRETR15 TIE WIRE, galvanised, diam. 1.5 mm, 25m, roll1
EMACDRILHBRA DRILL BRACE, hand operated, with chuck 13mm1
EMEALEVEL400 LEVEL, aluminium, 400 mm, standard, vertic. horizont. vials1
EMEALEVELWA1 WATER LEVEL, 10m, 12x16mm clear PVC pipe, 2 vials with caps1
EMEAMETASQR2 SQUARE, carpenter type, 250mm, steel1
EMEATAPMRO52 MEASURING TAPE, 5m, 19mm tape, metric and inch, rolling case1
ETOOCHISWF10 CHISEL, for wood, flat 10mm, wood handle1
ETOOCHISWF20 CHISEL, for wood, flat 20mm, with handle1
ETOOCHISWF40 CHISEL, for wood, flat 40mm, with handle1
ETOOCROBA300 CROWBAR, with angled beak, 300 mm length1
ETOOCUTTKN51 KNIFE/CUTTER, retract. chang. stout blade, 150mm, alu. body1
ETOOCUTTST01 SHARPENING STONE, fine-medium, 200 x 50 x25mm1
ETOODRILWR10 DRILL BIT, wood, round tail diam 10mm1
ETOODRILWR25 DRILL BIT, wood, round tail diam 25mm1
ETOOHAMMCARW CLAW HAMMER, carpenter type, 750g, wood handle1
ETOOPLICPIN1 PLIER, carpenter pincer, length 220mm1
ETOOSAWSHA30 HACKSAW, steel bar frame, wood handle, wing nut, L. 300mm1
ETOOSAWSHA3N BLADE BI-METAL, for hacksaw, 12 inches, 24 teeth1
ETOOSAWSW400 HANDSAW, for timber, 400mm blade1
ETOOSAWSW450 SAW, bow type, for wood, 450mm blade1
ETOOSAWSW45B BLADE, for bow saw, for wood, tortoise type, 450mm1
HSHETARPW406 TARPAULINS, woven plastic, 4 x 6 m, white/white, piece1
HSHETARPW460 PLASTIC SHEETING, woven, 4x60m, white/white, roll1
RAGRTOOLAXE4 AXE, 1kg head, with safety handle1