Hurricane straps

last updated : 2019/03/20
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
HURRICANE STRAP, galvanized, perforated, 32mm, coil 30m on request 12kg 0 Add


General information

Galvanized steel strap used to avoid roof uplift by strong wind in wooden houses. To achieve an efficient wind resistance, the walls and the basement must also be of a sufficient weight and strength.

The strap is provided with pre-punched holes for nailing.

Choose the type of galvanization according to the environment. In very high corrosive environment, stainless steel straps would be preferred.

The strap can be found in different length, i.e.10m coil or 30m coil.

Calculate the total needed length:

  • The cut length of the strap shall be equal to twice the "End Length" as defined below plus the clear span dimension (if any).
  • The minimum "End Length" for each end of the strap should provide enough space for 6 nails of 75mm or 7 nails of 60mm.

Other acceptable width and thickness:

  • The minimum section should be 30mm² (i.e. 1x32=32mm²)
  • Minimum width: 25mm, maximum width:50mm
  • Minimum thickness: 0.6mm (G25), maximum thickness: 1.16mm (G19)
  • It must be possible to bend and twist the strap by hand to fit the exact shape of the timbers.
  • If need be one can double the strap to increase the strength.


Galvanized hurricane straps for wood frames.

Coiled strapping with perforated nailing pattern. Holes every 50mm step, in 2 staggered rows spaced by 13mm.

Material: galvanized steel, 380N/mm² tensile strength

  • Minimum 135g/m² zinc coating on each side for low corrosive environments
  • Minimum 280g/m² zinc hot-deep coating on each side for medium corrosive environments

Finishing: Non-sharp smooth edges

Thickness: 1mm thick (20 gauge)

Width: 32mm (1.1/4inch)

  • For wider straps, the thickness can be reduced, i.e. width: 50mm, thickness: 0.8mm
  • For wider straps, the nail pattern must be different from the above described one.

Length: 10m, or 30m, or other as per contract.

Packaging: In strong carton boxes able to withstand stacking on pallet on 2m high without damages.

  • Each coil to be securely strapped.
  • Each carton box to be 25kg maximum.