Information sheet: Packaging

last updated : 2020/11/12


General information

  • Adequate packaging is required to maintain the original product quality up to the time of use, protecting the goods from external influences and damage during transport and storage.


  • It is an essential element to specify in detail in the requirements of any purchase contract.


  • Individual product packaging (sub-packaging) will be required only when contamination by any external influence must be avoided: medical supplies that must remain sterile, food items or personal hygiene products that cannot be delivered without an adequate sealed packaging, etc.


  • For all other types of items, unnecessary individual sub-packaging shall be avoided whenever possible, especially single-use plastic foils or bags.


  • When primary packaging is required in the specifications, it shall whenever possible be made of durable materials (e.g. made of the standard PE tarpaulin material), or reusable (strong plastic box/buckets), or from renewable resources (cardboard boxes).


  • As a general requirement, the dimensions of the packaging should match the contents as much as possible. When empty spaces remain, these must be filled to prevent any crushing during transport and damage to the content. Fillers to be bio-degradable.


  • Cardboard boxes will be delivered cross-stacked on pallets, whenever possible, as cross-stacking ensures more stable loads and a more efficient use of loading space in trucks and containers.


  • Palletized boxes shall be secured with polyester belt straps to stabilize, hold and reinforce the load. The load must be secured with at least 4 straps: 2 on the pallet’s short side and 2 on its long side. Steel straps are not accepted.


  • Unless specified otherwise, the maximum height of a pallet with its boxes will be 110 cm, pallet included. The maximum weight of the cargo including the pallet will be 950 kg.


  • Please refer to the detailed specifications for cardboard boxes, pallets and containers in this online Standard Products Catalogue for additional information prior to placing any purchase contract.


Latest update: 17/05/2020

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