Transport container, 20ft, 40ft

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CONTAINER 20ft, ISO 1CC size 6x2.4x2.6m CH 3,017.93 2000kg 37,5m³ Add
CONTAINER 40ft, ISO 1AA size 12x2.4x2.6m, last trip CH 5,131.81 4000kg 75m³ Add

General information

For safe transport of all types of goods, in an international standard type of container by road, train, sea, air. It facilitates transshipment.

Most cargo planes from 7 metric tons and above accept 20ft and 40ft containers; it is not advisable due to the extra 2 to 4 tons extra weight of the container itself but may be preferable in some cases.

These containers need conformity approval to be able to travel. At a certain stage, due to the deterioration, a "last conformity certificate" is given. The container becomes a "last trip container" at this stage. This type (last trip container) can be purchased to transport goods and be kept on the spot for other usage. Last trip containers are often used as store room, office room, workshop, etc.

The quality of the container will determine its cost. View it before purchasing if possible. The easiest way to check for the presence of holes is to look from the inside with closed doors.  Carefully check for the presence of rust, dents, and holes.

There are many types of standard ISO containers (tanks, flat bed, wood cover, special sizes, etc). We give here the description of the most commonly used types.

Maximum net load capacity is approximately 22T for the 20ft type and  26.5T for the 40ft type.


- Series 1 freight container. As described in ISO668 with all characteristics tested as per ISO1496

CONTAINER 20ft, our standard item is: ISO 1CC

Also existing 20ft containers with very near specification, ISO types: 1C and 1CX

CONTAINER 40ft, our standard item is: ISO 1AA

Also existing 40ft containers with very near specification, ISO types: 1A and 1AX

- Inside dimensions



1AA, 1CC: 2.350m,

 1A, 1C: 2.197m

Door inside height:

1AA, 1CC: 2.261m

1A, 1C: 2.134m


all types: 2330mm

Door inside width:

all types: 2286mm

For the 20ft type:

Length: 5867mm

For the 40ft type:

Length: 11998mm

- Available inner volume

CONTAINER 20ft, ISO 1C: 30m³, 1CC: 32m³

CONTAINER 40ft, ISO 1A: 61m³, 1AA: 65m³

- Series 1 freight container. ISO external dimensions






12.192m (40ft)

 2.438m (8ft)

2.591m (8ft 6in)


6.058m (20ft)

 2.438m (8ft)

2.591m (8ft 6in)


12.192m (40ft)

 2.438m (8ft)

2438mm (8ft )


6.058m (20ft)

 2.438m (8ft)

2.438m (8ft)


12.192m (40ft)

 2.438m (8ft)

less than 2438mm (8ft)


6.058m (20ft)

 2.438m (8ft)

less than 2.438m (8ft)

- Maximum loaded gross weight, including container weight

CONTAINER 20ft, ISO 1CC, 1C, 1CX: 24’000kg (52’900lb)

CONTAINER 40ft, ISO 1AA, 1A, 1AX: 30’480kg (67’200lb)

- Approximate empty container weight

CONTAINER 20ft: 2000kg

CONTAINER 40ft: 4000kg

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