Motor pump, 2

last updated : 2018/12/31
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KIT, MOTOR PUMP, raw water, diesel, 2", 24m3/h at 20m CH 3,615.86 131kg 0,67m³ Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN3528

General information

Self-priming diesel pump 2 inch /5 kW with Lombardini 15L D350 engine.

  • Where an engine other than the Lombardini is required, specify which one in the order (refer to alternative in the specifications). To maintain maximum standardization, use of the same brand and engine type is highly recommended within the same location or region.

The kit includes all the required items to run a pump including all the connectors to fit 2″ or 3″ pipe-work using Storz or thread couplings. The engine oil provided covers start-up needs plus one oil change. The spare parts set is meant for the initial phase only.

The pump accepts raw water with limited amounts of very small solids. It can be used for raw water, clear water or chlorinated water. In exceptional circumstances, it can be used for drainage. It cannot be used for sewage or sludge pumping.

Pumps driven by a petrol engine are possible. Diesel is recommended.


Standard engine:

Lombardini 15L D350 (Diesel)/5kW at 3600rpm

Alternative engines:

Lister AC1 (Diesel)/4.5kW at 3000rpm

Hatz 1B30-1 (Diesel)/4.5kW at 3600rpm

Engine Specifications:


4-stroke diesel; single cylinder; direct injection; not turbo charged; air-cooled; variable speed control; recoil manual start; dry air filter; exhaust silencer; oil and fuel filters; low oil-level security cut off; 4-litre fuel tank (provides 5 hours running time)

Alternative petrol engines:

Honda GX160 (Petrol)/ 4kW at 3600rpm

Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 91202 (Petrol)/ 4kW at 3600rpm

Pump features:

cast-iron centrifugal self-priming pump; integral non-return valve; renewable rubber-coated wear plate; cast-iron high-efficiency clog-resistant impeller; 14mm-max solids handling; carbon/ceramic faced mechanical seal; detachable discharge bend

Other features:

Engine close-coupled with pump. Mounted on prefabricated steel base with 2-wheeled site trolley.


1 wooden box, 1.17 x 0.78 x 0.96m, with ISO pallet base.

One side of the packaging box is designed as a detachable ramp for loading and offloading the pump. Inside the box, a divider protects the components. Inside of box is lined with a tar-coated paper for water protection.


KWATPUMCRW02 Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
APACWBOX1108 BOX, 20mm plywood, 1.1x0.7x0.8m, pallet base + ramp1
EHDWBACLH050 BAND CLIP, for hose pipe, high torque, 50-70mm2
EHDWBACLH077 BAND CLIP, for hose pipe, high torque, 77-95mm2
TVEAFUNNP200 FUNNEL, diam. 200 mm, bended + metallic filter1
TVEAJCANM20L JERRYCAN, 20 l, metallic certified UN1
TVECLUBR501 OIL, ENGINE, diesel/petrol, 15W40, 5L plastic container1
WNEASTNR3 STRAINER+check valve, 3", thread fem.1
WNECBRCA2M2T COUPLING, BRASS, ADAPTOR, thread male 2" to hose tail 2"1
WNECBRCA3M3T COUPLING, BRASS, ADAPTOR, thread. male 3" to hosetail 3"1
WNECGABB2F2F COUPLING, GALVA, BEND, 2", 90deg, thr fem/fem, large radius1
WNECGACR3M2F COUPLING, GALVA, REDUCER, 3"-2", thred male/fem.1
WNECGANN2M2M COUPLING, GALVA, NIPPLE, 2", threaded male/male2
WNECSTCC2SM COUPLING, "Storz", 2", threaded male2
WNECSTHO2-3 HOOK SPANNER, for 2" and 3" Storz couplings1
WNEVBRGA2FF VALVE, BRASS, GATE, 2", threaded fem/fem1
WPUCESDR001 PUMP, END-SUCTION, diesel, Self-Priming, 2"/4.5kW1
WSPPLOMB1961 AIR FILTER, element, Lombardini 15LD350, ref SL19611
WSPPLOMB3647 FUEL FILTER, element, Lombardini 15LD/3LD, ref SK36471
WSPPLOMB5155 OIL FILTER, element, Lombardini 15LD350, ref SO51551
WSPPLOMB6101 VALVE, rubber, Quiete pump, ref:61011
WSPPLOMB6339 MECHANICAL SEAL, Quiete/Paio pumps, ref:6339+63531