last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
WOODEN BOX, 0.8x1.2x1.2m, pallet base, plywood 6mm on request 33kg 0,2m³ Add
BOX, 20mm plywood, 1.1x0.7x0.8m, pallet base + ramp on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

For packing of heavy goods, voluminous fragile items, or kits.

The quality of the material and of the workmanship will define the resistance to multiple handlings.


Pallet base in pine wood or equivalent, as strong as a standard pallet. It should allow passage for pallet trolley on the 4 sides.

Walls in 6mm plywood, with reinforced sides, top, and bottom.

Cover in 6mm plywood.

The walls must be strongly attached on both sides with a galvanised angle piece.

The walls must be strongly attached to the pallet base.

The top of the walls must be reinforced with a wood frame.

The cover must be screwed on with self-taping screws.

The box should be able to withstand the weight of 2 other boxes stacked on it, even when empty, with each box loaded at 200kg.

The cover should be able to withstand a weight of 150kg placed in its center even when the box is empty.