last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
COUPLING, "Storz", 2", threaded female CH 11.20 0.3kg 0,5L Add
COUPLING, "Storz", 2", hose tail CH 11.35 0.4kg 1L Add
COUPLING, "Storz", 2", threaded male CH 14.06 0.2kg 0,5L Add
COUPLING, "Storz", 2", plug with chain CH 11.35 0.35kg 0,55L Add
COUPLING, "Storz", REDUCER, 3"-2" CH 38.80 0.6kg 1,015625L Add
UNIVERSAL GASKET, for 2" Storz coupling CH 1.04 0.0015kg 0,169L Add
HOOK SPANNER, for 2" and 3" Storz couplings CH 9.56 0.4kg 0,063L Add

General information

The Storz water pipe coupling is the standard for the ICRC, the International Federation and WatSan ERUs.

All items presented herein are 2″couplings; they are also available in the usual sizes: 1&fraq12;″, 3″ and 4″. Codes and descriptions are available in the standard order list.

For the connectors to thread correctly, when ordering describe the hose connector’s diameter and thread size; same-sized Storz couplings can have varied measurements.

Be aware, there are different types of gaskets. Some are meant for suction or delivery only. Always use the universal type, which works for both suction and delivery.

Beware of poor-quality copies, with low-quality moulding and machining. They usually break after a few uses.


Materials: High tensile strength, moulded aluminium alloy; machined with precision tools.