HF Transceiver, Codan Envoy, Base Station

last updated : 2019/02/06
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
HF BASE STATION, CODAN ENVOY X1 TRANSCEIVER, incl. acc. CH 1,905.00 7.94kg 47,6L Add
(codan envoy) SPEAKER, ext., 4m cable, 3.5mm jack, 15-00649 CH 28.00 0kg 0 Add
(codan) CABLE, DC power cable, for all transc., 08-03255 CH 29.00 0kg 0 Add

General information

Codan HF transceiver NGT SRx, base station with fan for data transmission.

Codan NGT SRx replaces Codan NGT-SR, which is no longer available.

SRx has a new desktop console. It looks the same as that of the SR, but they are not compatible! The cable connectors between the RF unit and console are different (the so-called junction box, previously located in the console, has been integrated into the RF unit).

Programming software must be version 4.11 or higher, SRx compatible.

The equipment should be tested prior to being shipped to the field.

NGT SR and NGT SRx transceivers are the standard models best adapted to our needs. Only standardized equipment approved by the secretariat in Geneva may be used. Other versions of these transceivers may be found in many places, but have different or missing options.

Country-specific restrictions may impose a TxP option with certificate (it is not programmable; frequencies are preset at factory - e.g., Sri Lanka). Clarify with RES_SI/OPS before ordering.

Each technician should have a CD with:

- programming software

- reference manual, user guide and technical manual


Tx frequency range:

2 - 26.5MHz

Rx frequency range:

500kHz - 30MHz

Power output:


DC consumption:

Tx max: 12A, Rx 0.8A

Signalling system:

selcall 4 and 6 digit


GPS enabled

Channel capacity:

400 (soft and front-panel programmable)

Antenna connector:

PL 259


graphic display


overvoltage / battery reverse


Options / Accessories