Winterisation kit, Family Tent, Framed

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
WINTERISATION KIT, for the Frame Family Tent 19m2 on request 30kg 0,25m³ Add

General information

When only tents can be used as emergency shelters in cold climates, it is advisable to supply the Winterisation Kit for Family Tent. This kit includes the essential items to improve the insulation against the cold. It also includes the necessary protection to install a stove or a heater inside the tent.

The components of these kits are designed to fit the Frame Family Tent. All the components are fire retardant to the level of the CPAI84 regulation.

Another kit is available for the standard Family Tent. See ref: KRELSHEKTW01

This kit does not include any stove or heater, nor fuel. These items must be supplied separately, according to fuel type and availability.


Design and materials

Refer to the individual item sheets for specification (links in the list of content below).


The kit is packed individually in a strong waterproof plastic bag, made of the standard ICRC/IFRC plastic tarpaulin.

The package must be secured with 2 webbing straps on the outside; each strap must have a strong self-locking buckle that will not slide during transport made with galvanised steel wire of 4mm diameter minimum.

The straps must not be sewn to the outer bag.

Each strap provides 2 handles.

The standard international warning sign “protect from water” and the buyer’s markings/logo and item name must be printed on the outside of the package in indelible ink.

Instruction for use

Inside the bag, 1 set-up instruction sheet in English, showing step by step set-up information with drawings and item content list and information, printed on durable laminated paper or durable fabric.

User’s health safety

The materials and additives used in the kit should be non-toxic for human use, free from asbestos and other toxic products, according to the EC regulations.

Composed of:

WINTERISATION KIT, for the Frame Family Tent



INSULATING FLOOR MAT, aluminized, fleece covered, 0.9x1.8m


LINER, winterisation for the Frame Family Tent


PARTITION, winterisation for Frame Family Tent


FLOOR PROTECTION, heat resistant, for tent heater, 0.5x1m


SLEEVE, heat resistant, for tent heater fume pipe, 0.7x0.35m



Options / Accessories