Sleeve, for chimney pipe, Family Tent

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SLEEVE, heat resistant, for tent heater fume pipe, 0.7x0.35m on request 0.6kg 0 Add

General information

Protection for the use of a stove/heater in the standard Family Tent or in the Frame Family Tent. In cold climates, it is advisable to supply the “Kit, winterisation for family tent”. This item is part of the kit.

This protection for tent can be used only with tents originally equipped with the standard chimney patch and flap as described in the Family Tent specification or in the Frame Family Tent specification.

This protection fits the tent on the Velcro that is originally used for the chimney flap. It stops the draughts and the rain to passing between the pipe and the fireproof canvas at the place where the pipe is passing through the tent wall.



The flue-pipe sleeve is a spare part made of fireproof canvas. It has a pyramid shape, with a base of 350mm x 700mm, that fits on the Velcro system of the chimney flap of the Family Tent or the Frame Family Tent. The height of the pyramid part is 400mm, with a hole of 150mm diameter at the top.

The top of the pyramid has a tubular extension of 150mm long. At the end of the tubular extension, there is a fireproof string to attach around the pipe.

The base of the pyramid has a Velcro to grip to the Velcro of the tent chimney outer flap.

The two types of Velcro are available on the sleeve (hooks and loops), sewn next to each other, to make sure it will work in all cases.


The material is a fire-proof, tear-proof and waterproof soft canvas. The lacing string is fire-proof with a tensile strength that allows a strong attachment around the pipe.

Fire resistant to CPAI84/6 at conditions of origin and after leaching

Tear resistance under ISO9073-4: minimum 40N

Waterproof under ISO 811: minimum 20hPa (20cm)

User’s health safety:

The materials and additives used in the kit should be non-toxic for human use, free from asbestos and other toxic products, according to the EC regulations.


If supplied separately, the flue-pipe sleeve is packed into a strong plastic bag. Indicate product name on the outer package with indelible marking.

If supplied within the Winterisation kit, the flue-pipe sleeve is not individually packed.