Insulating floor mat against cold

last updated : 2021/02/22
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INSULATING FLOOR MAT, aluminized, fleece covered, 0.8x1.8m on request 3kg 0.01m³ Add

General information

Insulating mat for use as a protection against the cold from the ground in the standard Family Tent, in the Frame Family Tent, or in any other floor in cold situation. In cold climates, it is advisable to supply the “Kit, winterisation for family tent”. This item is part of the kit.

This insulating mat is open at one end to allow filling with local material that may form a basic mattress.


The insulating mat is an assembling of three layers:

- First layer, on the ground-side, a plastic mat, double weave.

- Second layer, an aluminised canvas, aluminium face upward.

- Third layer, on upper-side, a fleece blanket.

The assembling is done with a heavy-duty ribbon strongly stitched all around the mat. The second and third layer are also stitched together, lengthwise in the center, and crosswise in 3 lines equally spaced.

Dimensions: 1.8m x 0.9m

At one end, the mat is open on the whole width, to allow accessing in between the plastic mat and the aluminised canvas. This opening closes with a fold like a pillowcase closing system.

A pair of strong laces are sewn to the mat at one end in the center, to secure the mat when rolled up for transport or storage.

Materials specification:

- First layer, plastic mat.

Plastic floor mat made in a tightly woven twill structure, double thickness (2/1, 3/1, 2/2, 3/2)

Virgin polypropylene (PP) multifilament 500 deniers in warp and virgin polypropylene (PP) hollow tube in weft, not containing any filler.

Tight woven, with minimum 1000 tubes per meter length

Weight: 500g/m² minimum

Colour: any colour.

- Second layer, aluminised canvas.

Strong synthetic canvas with durable aluminium coating, soft and noiseless

Tear resistance under ISO9073-4: minimum 40N in warp and weft

- Third layer, fleece blanket

Refer to our standard synthetic blanket specification, medium thermal

- Complete mat, finished state:

Fire retardant to pass CPAI84/5 on both sides

User’s health safety:

The materials and additives used in the kit should be non-toxic for human use, free from asbestos and other toxic products, according to the EU regulations.


If supplied individually, the mat is rolled and wrapped in a protective outer sheet, such as PP woven canvas, and strapped. Indicate product name on the outer package with indelible marking.

If supplied within the Winterisation kit, no individual packing is required.