Tool kit, for electrician

last updated : 2019/03/18
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KIT, TOOL BOX, electricity, bag - TK2 CH 803.50 15.1kg 0,059211m³ Add

General information

Most current tools for small house maintenance, first level mechanic work, carpentry…

Tools for precision work can also be found in the kit for radio-com code KCOMTOOLMEC

All tools of good quality, enabling daily use for at least one year.

  • Selection of tools depends on local availability. It is recommended to select reputed brands, available with reliable suppliers for after sales service, accessories, etc.
  • To enable offers comparison, particularly for the power equipment, select one model in one brand.


Good quality tools, for long term intensive use.

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Code Description Qty
EELEBATTLR06 BATTERY, dry cell, alkaline, 1.5V, AA (LR6), 14.5 x 50.5mm2
EELEECABF153 CABLE, elect. flexible, 3 x1.5mm2, outdoor use, black, meter100
EELEECON0410 CONNECTING BAR, 10 x 4mm2, black pvc5
EELEECONDCCB CROCODILE CLIP, electrical, 1 line, black, 4 mm, with screw1
EELEECONDCCR CROCODILE CLIP, electrical, 1 line, red, 4 mm, with screw1
EELEECONDCPB CONNECTOR, electrical, male bullet, 1 line 12V, black1
EELEECONDCPR CONNECTOR, electrical, male bullet, 1 line 12V, red3
EELEECONDCPY CONNECTOR, electrical, male bullet, 1 line 12V, yellow3
EELEECONIT19 TAPE, insulating, plastic, 19mm wide, black, roll1
EELEECONSA01 CONNECTOR SET, 20 automotive types + standard crimping plier1
EELELATFSTD2 LAMP, FRONTAL, head band, use 2 AA/LR6 batteries1
EELEPLUGADAP PLUG ADAPTOR, traveller type, worldwide without grounding1
EELEPLUGFS2R PLUG, female, Swiss std, rubber, 2P+E, 220V/13A2
EELESOCKMU02 SOCKET, multiple, 2 ways out, 13A, + earth, Swiss type1
EHDWGLUEARA1 GLUE, epoxy 2 components, rapid, 2 tubes 15ml1
EHDWGLUECYA1 GLUE, cyanolite, rapid, precision, all materials, tube 3ml1
EHDWGLUENEO1 GLUE, neoprene contact, tube 120g1
EHDWRIVESET1 RIVETING GUN, + 450 rivets, d. 4 to 4.8mm, thick 1.3 to 13mm1
EHDWSANQPE04 SAND PAPER, emery cloth, n.40, A4 sheet3
EHDWSANQPE06 SAND PAPER, emery cloth, n.60, A4 sheet3
EHDWSANQPE10 SAND PAPER, emery cloth, n.100, A4 sheet3
EHDWSANQPE12 SAND PAPER, emery cloth, n.120, A4 sheet3
EHDWSANQPM06 SAND PAPER, dry/wet use, n.60, A4 sheet3
EHDWSANQPM12 SAND PAPER, dry/wet use, n.120, A4 sheet3
EHDWSANQPM24 SAND PAPER, dry/wet use, n.240, A4 sheet3
EHDWSANQPW04 SAND PAPER, for wood, n.403
EHDWSANQPW08 SAND PAPER, for wood, n.803
EHDWSANQPW12 SAND PAPER,for wood, n.1203
ETOOBOXTC475 TOOL CASE, with 3 tool holder section 475 x 360 x180mm1
ETOOCHISWF06 CHISEL, for wood, flat 6mm, wood handle1
ETOOCHISWF10 CHISEL, for wood, flat 10mm, wood handle1
ETOOHAMMCARP HAMMER, nail claw, carpenter type, 800g, steel + plast. hand1
ETOOKEYSAMS1 KEY SET, hexagonal male, "Allen", 1.5 to 8mm, plastic pocket1
ETOOKNIFKNEL KNIFE, for electrician, with wire stripper, total L.185 mm1
ETOOPLIECOIN PLIER, combination, 1000V insulated, 185mm length1
ETOOPLIEST06 PLIER, strip, with elbow blade nose, for wire 0.5 to 6mm21
ETOOPLIEST16 PLIER, strip, 1000V insulated, 0.8 to 6mm2, adjust. screw1
ETOOSCDF0103 SCREWDRIVER, flat head, 1.5mm x 35mm blade, microtech1
ETOOSCDF0207 SCREWDRIVER, flat head, 2.5mm x 75mm blade, microtech1
ETOOSCDF0307 SCREWDRIVER, flat head, 3mm x 75mm blade, microtech1
ETOOSCDF0315 SCREWDRIVER, flat head 3.5x75mm blade, No.11
ETOOSCDF0510 SCREWDRIVER, flat head 5.5x100mm blade, No.31
ETOOSCDF0615 SCREWDRIVER, flat head 6.5mm x 150mm blade1
ETOOSCDF0820 SCREWDRIVER, flat head 8mm x 200mm blade1
ETOOSCDF1025 SCREWDRIVER, flat head 10mm x 250mm blade1
ETOOSCDRT220 SCREWDRIVER, TESTER, 110-250V, with clip1
ETOOSCDSP023 SCREWDRIVER, Phillips head n.00 x 35mm blade, microtech1
ETOOSCDSP027 SCREWDRIVER, Phillips head n.00 x 75mm blade, microtech1
ETOOSCDSP037 SCREWDRIVER, Phillips head n.0 x 75mm blade, microtech1
ETOOSOLDSW10 SOLDERING WIRE, 60/40, 1mm, flux core, 500g, roll1
ETOOSOLDSW20 SOLDERING WIRE, 60/40, 2mm, flux core, 250g, roll1
WTOOSEALTEFL SEAL TAPE, 'Teflon', for water connectors, roll 12mm x 12m1

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