last updated : 2019/03/18
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LAMP, FRONTAL, head band, use 2 AA/LR6 batteries CH 73.90 0.24kg 1L Add

General information

This type of flash light can be very useful in many occasions: mechanical work on the road side at
2am, emergency surgery in a cave just after hospital collapsed, finding your way in the dark with
1 suitcase in each hand, etc.

For use by medical personnel, the type with both LEDs and spotlight is preferable, with AA batteries.

Supplied without batteries. Order separately.

The new type using only LED lights are performing very well for general use and consuming far less power. They work on the small type AAA batteries.


Torch light with adjustable large elastic head band, with good stability.

Adjustable beam by rotation of the lamp head.

Uses LED lights for general type lamp

Uses LED and Xenon spotlight for use by medical personnel.

Work with 2 AAA batteries

Shockproof from 2m high.

Waterproof in the rain.


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