Batteries, 1.5V, rechargeable

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BATTERY CHARGER AA & AAA NiMh accus 110 & 240V, 12V compact CH 77.60 0.46kg 1,792L Add
BATTERY, rechargeable, 1.2V, AAA (LR03) 10.5x44.5mm - NimH CH 3.50 0.012kg 0,011L Add
BATTERY, rechargeable, Ni-Mh - 1.2V, AA (LR6) 14.5 x 50.5mm CH 4.50 0.025kg 0,0165L Add
BATTERY, rechargeable, Ni-Mh, 1.2V, C (LR14), 26 x 50 mm CH 9.50 0.054kg 0,063L Add
BATTERY, rechargeable, Ni-Mh, 1.2V, D(LR20), 34 x 61,5 mm CH 15.80 0.115kg 0,1L Add
BATTERY CHARGER, for AAA,AA,C,D,9V NiMh accus, 230 V, 12V CH 147.00 0.8kg 7,176L Add

General information

1.2 V rechargeable batteries for general use with portable lamp, radio, etc to use instead of alkaline single use batteries.

Preferable to disposable batteries.

The rechargeable batteries can be re-used at least 800 times. There are four different types of rechargeable batteries:

  • NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries, as per here above 1.2V batteries, good capacities.
  • NiCd (nickel cadmium) batteries, smaller capacities, to avoid.
  • LiIon (Lithium Ion) batteries, used in power tools or radio handsets, not in the above types.
  • SLA (Sealed Lead Acid), used for HF radio, solar, or cars, not in the above types.

Don’t try to charge the non-chargeable type (the normal type), it may cause an explosion, and it does not work anyway.

Small solar chargers exist for 1.2V batteries, which save money and the environment.

Don’t discard batteries into the environment.


Rechargeable 1.2V batteries: Preferably NiMH. Acceptable type NiCd.

Charger, for rechargeable dry cell batteries 1.2V and 9V, size AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V.

Different names for the same batteries:








10.5 x 40.5mm

14.5 x 50.5mm

26 x 50mm

34 x 61.5 mm


Other names

R3, LR3, 24A

R6, LR6, 15A

R14, LR14, 14A

R20, LR20, 13A

6LR61, 1604A



MN1500, M3

MN1400, M2

MN1300, M1