Water tanks, bladder, 10m³

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, WATERTANK, flexible pillow, 10m3, storage CH 1 577,57 110kg 0,46m³ Add
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Code Description Qty
EHDWBACLH050 BAND CLIP, for hose pipe, high torque, 50-70mm6
KWATREPAF01 KIT, REPAIR, for flexible tank PVC reinforced material1
WNECGACR11/2M1F COUPLING, GALVA, REDUCER, bush, 1.1/2"-1", thread male/fem1
WNECGACR2M11/2F COUPLING, GALVA, REDUCER, bush, 2"-11/2", thread male/fem2
WNECGANN2M2M COUPLING, GALVA, NIPPLE, 2", threaded male/male1
WNECGATT2FFF COUPLING, GALVA, TEE, 2", threaded fem/fem/fem1
WNECGAUU2M2F COUPLING, GALVA, UNION, 2", male/fem, in 3 pieces + gasket1
WNECSTCC2SH COUPLING, "Storz", 2", hose tail2
WNECSTCC2SM COUPLING, "Storz", 2", threaded male2
WNECSTCP2 COUPLING, "Storz", 2", plug with chain1
WNECSTGA2 UNIVERSAL GASKET, for 2" Storz coupling2
WNECSTHO2-3 HOOK SPANNER, for 2" and 3" Storz couplings1
WNEVBRBA1FS VALVE, BRASS, BALL, 1", 1/4 turn, thread male/angled spout1
WNEVBRGA2FF VALVE, BRASS, GATE, 2", threaded fem/fem1
WTOOSEALTEFL SEAL TAPE, 'Teflon', for water connectors, roll 12mm x 12m1
WWAKFLPT10 WATERTANK, flexible pillow, PVC, storage, 10 m31
WWAKFLPT10GS (pillow tank 10m3) GROUND SHEET1