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last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, WATER TAP STAND, 6 self-closing taps CH 353,48 40kg 0,06m³ Add
KIT, WATER TAP STAND, 6 taps 1/4 turn CH 848,40 52kg 0,124m³ Add

General information

6-tap stand for individual water distribution to large numbers. The stand should be installed in a safe area, where people can queue for water collection. Waste-water drainage is essential to keep the area clean.

One stand can serve 1000 people with 20 litres each in 12 hours. The water pressure at the tap is determined by the head difference between the surface on which the water tank’s base is resting and the tap, it may be necessary to create an elevated surface on which to install the tank.

ICRC standard: tap stand with six &fraq14;-turn taps and a 2″ Storz coupling.

  • &fraq14;-turn taps are cheaper than automatic valves, and close efficiently even with very low pressure
  • One wooden box contains all the necessary items to assemble a complete stand, and to terminate with a Storz 2″ coupling.

International Federation ERU standard: tap stand with self-closing taps (also standard for Oxfam, MSF, etc.)

  • Self-closing valves (Talflo, etc…) close "automatically", saving water. Sometimes leakage may occur with very low pressure (less than 1 bar). More expensive than &fraq14;-turn valves.
  • One box contains all the necessary items to assemble a complete stand, and to terminate with a 1.1/4″ BSP coupling.

See adaptation couplings in option list.

Do local manufacturing as soon as possible.



Galvanized steel water pipes of 1.1/4″ in diameter, with couplings and clamps


1 wooden box, with 2 handles


KWATRAMP06T Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
ETOOKEYSAM08 KEY, hexagonal male "Allen", 8mm2
WNEAGACL11/4 CLAMP, to clamp on 1.1/4" pipe, use with 8mm allen key4
WNECGABB11/4FF COUPLING, GALVA, BEND, 1.1/4", thread fem/fem, large radius1
WNECGACR11/4F1F COUPLING, GALVA, REDU, socket, 1.1/4"-1", thread fem/fem1
WNECGACR11/4F1M COUPLING, GALVA, REDU, socket, 1.1/4"-1", thread fem/male1
WNECGACR114F34F COUPLING, GALVA, REDU, socket, 1.1/4"-3/4", thread fem/fem2
WNECGATT11/4FFF COUPLING, GALVA, TEE, 1.1/4", thread fem/fem/fem1
WNECGATT2FF114F COUPLING, GALVA, TEE, reduced, 2"-1.1/4", thread fem/fem/fem1
WNECGAUU1.1/4FF COUPLING, GALVA, UNION, 1.1/4 ", threaded fem/fem2
WNECGAUU1.14FF3 COUPLING, GALVA, UNION, 1.1/4", 3 pieces, threaded fem/fem1
WNECSTCC2SM COUPLING, "Storz", 2", threaded male2
WNECSTCP2 COUPLING, "Storz", 2", plug with chain1
WNECSTGA2 UNIVERSAL GASKET, for 2" Storz coupling2
WNEVBRBA3/4FS VALVE, BRASS, BALL, 3/4", 1/4 turn, thread fem/angled spout9
WWATRAMPF100 PIPE, RAMP, galva, 1.1/4", 1.00m4
WWATRAMPSP10 HOLDER, SPACER, for distribution ramp feet, 10mm Re-bar2
WWATRAMPT030 PIPE, RAMP, galva, 1.1/4", 0.30m, threaded both ends1
WWATRAMPT050 PIPE, RAMP, galva, 1.1/4", 0.50m, threaded both ends1
WWATRAMPT060 PIPE, RAMP, galva, 1.1/4", 0.60m, threaded both ends2
WWATRAMPT065 PIPE, RAMP, galva, 1.1/4", 0.65m, threaded both ends2
WWATRAMPT070 PIPE, RAMP, galva, 1.1/4", 0.70m, threaded both ends1
WWATRAMPT090 PIPE, RAMP, galva, 1.1/4", 0.90m, threaded both ends1

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