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Volume 1
 Warehouse and Administration
 Relief and Logistics Kits, ERU, RDU
 Personnel security equipment
 Radio and Telecommunication
 Power supply and electrical equipment
 Tools and Hardware
 Shelter and construction materials
 Vehicles and consumables
 Water and Sanitation

Volume 2
 Drug products
 Medical disposable supplies
 Medical equipment
 Cold chain
 Physical Rehabilitation

Volume 3
 Basic health care ERU
 Emergency care and triage
 Rapid Deployment Emergency Hospital
 Referral hospital ERU
 Surgical hospital, weapon wounded
 Medical kits
 Feeding and nutrition Kits
 Medical sets
 Surgical instruments and sets

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 Medical weight and volume
   Kit, survival, 2 persons/3days
(Personnel security equipment > Personnal and team equipment/consumables)
last updated : 2011/01/01
Product page
Kit, survival, 2 persons/3days
CodeDescriptionInd. priceShip. weightShip. vol.
KIT, SURVIVAL, 2 persons/3daysCHF 1 300,0039kg0,174m³

General information

This kit includes minimum items to cover the basics needs of 2 persons in a remote area.

Includes food, cooking, hygiene, shelter, sleeping, and water treatment. Water not included.

The consumables should last 3 days.

Content list - Export content list (excel file)
APACTRUN075TRUNK, metal, 750x400x320mm, with lock bar, 2 handles2
APERFILTKAP1FILTER KATADYN, for outdoor, pocket type2
CMEACMPADP6COMPASS, dp6 black (with viewfinder) RECTA1
EELEBATTLR06BATTERY, dry cell, alkaline, 1.5V, AA (LR6), 14.5 x 50.5mm20
EELELATOMAM1B(lamp Maglite Mini 2 AA/LR6 batt.) BULB, spare2
EHDWLOCKPD40PADLOCK 65/40 abus, 3 keys2
HCONJCANPF20JERRYCAN, collapsible, 20L, food grade LDPE, screw cap1
HCOOBOWLPL00BOWL, for food, 0.3L, plastic2
HCOOCOUSFOTSFORK, table, stainless steel2
HCOOCOUSKN6FKNIFE, swiss type, 6 functions including cork screw!2
HCOOCOUSKNTSKNIFE, table knife, stainless steel2
HCOOCOUSSPTSSPOON, soup, stainless steel, 10 ml2
HCOOCPOT001ACOOKING POT, 1L, alum, with handles and lid2
HCOOPLATDEP1PLATE, deep, plastic, diam. 22 cm, cap. 0.75L2
HFURBEMAC01MATTRESS, camping, foam 1.85 x 0.48 x 0.01m, 200g1
HHEASTOVAPOCSTOVE, foldable, pocket type, for methylated tab, + 20 tabs1
HHYGSOAPB010SOAP, body soap, 100g, piece2
HHYGTOILPAPRTOILET, paper, hygienic, roll1
HSHEBLANRSH1RESCUE SHEET, silver/gold insulating foil, 210 cm x 160 cm2
HSHEMNET2DMOSQUITO NET, DOME, with groundsheet, double, outdoor/indoor2
HSHESLEBWISLEEPING BAG, for indoor use, cold climate2
HSHETENTT02TENT, TEAM, dome, 1-2 persons, nylon. pack size 55 x 15 cm1
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