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Volume 2
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 Physical Rehabilitation

Volume 3
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   Adhesive tape
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last updated : 2011/01/01
Product page
TAPE ADHESIVE, brown, 50mmx60m for packingCodeAPACTAPE50BR
DescriptionTAPE ADHESIVE, brown, 50mmx60m for packing
Ind. priceCHF 6,30
Weight / volume0,22kg / 0,9L
TAPE ADHESIVE, diplomatical, yellow, 50mmx66m, for packingCodeAPACTAPE50DI
DescriptionTAPE ADHESIVE, diplomatical, yellow, 50mmx66m, for packing
Ind. priceCHF 4,70
Weight / volume0,4kg / 0,9L
TAPE ADHESIVE, with red line, for FD, 50mmx66m, pack.CodeAPACTAPE50F
DescriptionTAPE ADHESIVE, with red line, for FD, 50mmx66m, pack.
Ind. priceCHF 4,40
Weight / volume0,36kg / 0,9L
image not availableCodeAPACTAPE50IF
DescriptionTAPE ADHESIVE, IFRC logo, 50mmx100m
Ind. priceon request
Weight / volume0,6kg / 1L
image not availableCodeAPACTAPE50RB
DescriptionTAPE ADHESIVE, canvas reinforced, 55mmx50m roll, black
Ind. priceCHF 13,00
TAPE ADHESIVE, canvas reinforced, 50mmx50m roll, silverCodeAPACTAPE50RS
DescriptionTAPE ADHESIVE, canvas reinforced, 50mmx50m roll, silver
Ind. priceCHF 12,00
Weight / volume0,86kg / 1L

General information

Different types are adapted to specific use.

Diplomatic and logo tape should be kept under locked conditions.

Adhesive tape with the ICRC logo is used in Geneva only; field delegations use a neutral tape with a red line on a white background.

PVC is usually more expensive than polypropylene, but stronger and less noisy.

Some types of polypropylene are acceptable in terms of strength and noise; check before purchasing.

Random check of actual roll length is recommended at delivery.

Direct sunlight, heat or damp will adversely affect the performance of the tape.  Tests should be performed to define the acceptable type before purchasing.

Options / Accessories
  TAPE DISPENSOR for 50mm adh. tape, handheld, metal body
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