Kit rigid water tank, 10m3

last updated : 2018/12/31
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KIT, WATER TANK, 10 m3, rigid, corrugated CH 2,139.50 310kg 1,02m³ Add

General information

Rigid lightweight water tank: quick setup, packs to a small volume for transport (as compared to its final capacity).

Corrugated steel sheets provide the tank’s rigidity; models made of flat plain steel sheets are not recommended. The sheets for the 10m³ tank are specifically designed for this model. The sheets for the 45, 70 and 95m³ models are similar in shape and size.

The tools required to install the tanks are provided in the tank kit, code KWATTANKRTO1. To connect tanks together and to a network, order the standard fittings set, code KWATTANKRFI3.

Where possible, tanks should be set up in an elevated position to permit gravity distribution.

Ensure the tanks are adequately secured, particularly when empty or during high winds; use guy ropes and bank earth around the lower sections.

Use tank roof covers; keep them well lashed down.


Corrugated galvanized iron sheet.

Each tank has 3 outlet holes for 3″ connectors; one hole fitted with a blanking plate.

EPDM synthetic rubber liner, 1.25mm thick, reinforced, welded, to fit d: 6.4m tank

The liner allows for a 300mm-turndown on the outside with 4 eyelets spaced at 1m-intervals around the edges.

Connector flanges to be pre-assembled with studs, bolts, washers and gaskets.

PVC-coated polyester roof.

The base plate for the roof-support column has countersunk holes to prevent damage to the lining from friction with the bolt heads.

Bolts and nuts are all zinc-plated for high corrosion resistance.

Good-quality spanners, designed for intensive use.



KIT, WATER TANK, 10m3, rigid, corrugated

1 parcel of 310kg



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KWATTANKR10A KIT, LINER+ACCESSORIES, for 10m3 rigid corrugated watertank1
KWATTANKR10R KIT, CONICAL ROOF, for 10m3 rigid corrugated watertank1
KWATTANKR10S KIT, STEEL, for 10m3 rigid corrugated watertank1

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