Sahel shelter kit

last updated : 2020/03/21
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SHELTER KIT, SAHEL, tarpaulins, frame and fixings on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

The Sahel Shelter Kit is designed as a context base emergency shelter solution suitable for the Sahel region of Western Africa.

Assessment with National Societies from this region has confirmed that this Sahel shelter kit performed in the Sahel context. 

The Sahel Shelter Kit matches the following requirements:



Shelter covered surface

Minimum 20m2

Approx. price per unit in the local market


Construction time

6 h to 1 day (with 4 to 6 persons)

Target durability of the shelter in predefined conditions

Minimum 12 months

Items from warehouse stocks

100% of the items

Target warehouse time

3 years


Perimeter protection: The proposed solution is a barrier with sand bags positioned around the perimeter of the shelter. The bags are made from plastic sacks available in the local market. They are cut in half and sewn by hand to form tubes and finally filled with sand (or available soil) from the site. The plastic bags have to be placed inside the shelter to protect the plastic from the UV radiation and hold down the shade net walls.

The kit is designed for family distribution (base on 5 persons / family), one kit per family.

This kit includes tools and materials including framing and cover.


Refer to individual Product Specification Sheets (click on items in the content list below).

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Code Description Qty
APACBAGPR09 BAG, PE plastic, for rubble, 300x400x900mm16
EBUIPOSTST13 POST, square steel pipe 1.6mm,30x30mmx1.3m4
EBUIPOSTST14 POST, square steel pipe 1.6mm,30x30mmx2.1m6
EBUIPOSTST15 POST, square steel pipe 1.6mm,30x30mmx2.5m2
EHDWWIRETR151 TIE WIRE, galvanised, diam. 1.5 mm, 100m, roll2
EMEATAPMRO52 MEASURING TAPE, 5m, 19mm tape, metric and inch, rolling case1
ETOONEELC12 NEEDLE, stitching, curved, 127mm x 1.8mm, hole 1x7mm1
ETOOPLIC2024 PLIER, nippers, up to 2mm hard wire, 240mm length1
ETOOSAWSW400 HANDSAW, for timber, 400mm blade1
HSHEMATTPLA6 MAT, plastic 120 x 220 cm16
HSHEROPE01N ROPE, NYLON, polyamide, d:1mm,braided string, per m100
HSHEROPE05P ROPE, POLYPROPYLENE, diam. 5mm, twisted, per m100
HSHESHADNP801 SHADE NETTING, w:4m, black PP fibers, 80% shade, per m16
HSHETARPW406 TARPAULINS, woven plastic, 4 x 6 m, white/white, piece2
WNEHPVRI5 HOSE, PVC, RIGID, out.d. 32mm,NP10, L=6m24