Family tent, geodesic

last updated : 2020/04/13
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
TENT, FAMILY, geodesic 18.3m2, triple fly on request 48kg 0,28175m³ Add

General information

Developed by ICRC and IFRC, this new type of tent for a family of five persons conforms to the recommended minimum standard living area for hot and temperate climates (3.5m² per person).

This new type of tent is intended to improve several key factors for the beneficiaries’ comfort and safety:

  • Longer life span and better stability, particularly resistant to wind and to UV
  • Safer to fire risk, using a slow flame spread material
  • Better insulation to reduce the inner temperature in hot climates
  • 100% synthetic to guarantee a 5 years shelf-life under normal warehousing conditions, and not prone to rotting in tropical climate

In cold climate an improved insulation will be supplied as an optional kit (This winterisation kit is still under development).

This tent was designed by shelter specialists as a product fit for emergency use during humanitarian crisis, ensuring that all minimum requirements are met, at minimum cost.

This new type of tent is also intended to minimise the impact on the environment:

  • Re-usability of the tent materials in the second life of the product. The plastic sheets have a very long lifespan and can be re-used for making many different items after its primary usage as a tent (at the contrary with the previously used cotton-polyester mixed canvas). It was observed that the PE sheeting has been used for making car tarpaulins, all kind of waterproof covers, big bags for waste collection, handbags...
  • Recycling of the tent materials as raw materials. The aluminium poles will not degrade and will be eventually collected as being a highly valuable raw material easy to recycle (at the contrary with the previously used polyester/glass-fibber poles, or painted steel poles). The plastic sheets can also be recycled as raw plastic as being made of one single type of plastic, Polythene. This Polythene does not contain fire retardant such as bromide compound, reducing the chemical hazard during its use and its recycling.

ICRC and IFRC are grateful to Alpinter SA and to NRS International for their essential support in the Research and Development project to design this new type of Family tent.

Family tents are subject to frame agreements with validated manufacturers. Consult with the IFRC or ICRC procurement department to obtain frame agreement information.

  • Validated manufacturers had their samples laboratory-tested prior to signing the frame agreement, and are subject to regular quality controls.


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