Stove/Heater for tent

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
STOVE/HEATER, wood/coal, rectangular, horizontal, for tent on request 0kg 0 Add
(tent stove/heater) FLUE PIPE SET, 4x0.5m, 2 bends 110°, hat on request 2kg 0 Add
(tent stove/heater) FLUE PIPE STAND, 3 legs, h:1.5m, 2 clamp on request 2kg 0 Add

General information

Simple but efficient wood stove for distribution.

Adapted for use inside the standard family tent. Allows cooking on the top.

Other models might be locally available, can be vertical or horizontal.

This type can also be reproduced locally.


Made of thick iron sheets. (see attached drawing)

  • Weight of the stove without accessories: 16kg +/- 1kg


  • Loading door and air intake control.
  • Stand, welded to the stove.
  • Outlet to fit with 100 mm pipes
  • One spark stopper, dimension: height 280mm, outer diameter: 300mm, inner plate of 180mmm diameter.
  • One ash stick

And other items as described below:

  • One pipe-stand to keep the smoke pipe standing up outside the tent, with two clamps.
  • Four pipe sections of 0.55m x 100mm, connectable, total length of pipe is 2m
  • Pipe section to fit one in the other, with a stop at 50mm from the end, net length is 500mm
  • Two 110° bend connectors
  • One outlet cover, pointed cap shape.