last updated : 2019/02/23
Code Description Ind. price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
PASTA, durum wheat meal, 1kg CH 0,55 1kg 3,3L Add

General information

Pasta described here is made from durum wheat meal mixed with water only.  Pasta made with other type of flours or with additives are not described here.

Different types of pasta are distributed in our food supply operations: long pasta, short pasta, noodles, etc.…

Type of pasta has to be determined considering beneficiaries’ food habits (i.e. in some countries spaghetti is not well accepted because it is unsuitable to local cooking habits).

Specifications vary with national regulations.  Here below, we give our most commonly used specifications.

Refer to HQ when offered specifications differing from our standard specifications.  It will need to be approved by a food specialist.

Importation of food is always subject to acceptance from the national authorities, based on their national specifications; check these before purchasing.

Impact on the local, national, or regional market availability and prices should be carefully looked at before purchasing large quantities.


General specifications to include in all contracts:

For all aspects of the product, unless described otherwise here below, the standard of Codex Alimentarius last edition applies, including the packaging.

-       Product must be fit for human consumption and be of sound, fair and marketable quality.

-       The Cartagena Protocol (Biosafety Protocol, additional to the Convention of Biodiversity) requires that exporters/producers indicate whether the food items may contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) or not.

-       Check national specifications of recipient country.

The applicable control methods are:

-       ISO 712 Determination of moisture content.

-       ISO 1871 Determination of protein.

-       ISO 7305 Determination of acidity.

-       AOAC 7070 Determination of cellulose.

-    ISO 2171 Ash content.