Fumigation, aluminium phosphide

last updated : 2020/05/27
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ALUMINIUM PHOSPHIDE, 'PHOSTOXIN', 3g, tab., pack of 1kg CH 21.65 0kg 0 Add
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Dangerous : DGR-UN 1397 CLASS 4.3. .

General information

Curative treatment for insect and rodent infestations; used to fumigate food stocks.

Time of exposure varies with temperature. It cannot be used below 5°C. A minimum of exposure 3 days is required. Large tarpaulins are required to cover the food stocks during treatment.

Risk of poisoning and explosion: Highly flammable, very toxic and dangerous for the environment. This is a dangerous product, hence regulated. It must only by used by trained personnel. Ideally, a professional pest-control company should be used.

Harmful to the environment; thus, the disposal of any waste must be controlled.


Phostoxin: registered trade mark, contains aluminium phosphide 55% minimum.

UN code for transport: UN1397