Water purification unit, SETA

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
WATER PURIFICATION UNIT, mobile, SETA, 3m3/h on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

Transportable water-purifier unit, type SETA2E3000, 3m³/hour.

Included in Water and Sanitation ERU (e.g., Spanish Red Cross)

  • Objective

The unit is designed to give 3000 litres/hour of physical and bacteriologically safe drinking water.  The raw water must be free of contamination of industrial type (hydrocarbons, chemical waste, etc), according to classification A2-A3 of the WHO, and with a turbidity for good operation not more than 2000 N.T.U.

The goal is the supply of safe drinking water for human consumption to rural and isolated communities in emergency situations.  The unit can be transported by 4x4 vehicles and trailer, including an autonomous generator plan.

  • Foreseen treatment

The raw water is pumped from the intake point (lake, river eddy, canal, etc) by means of submersible pump together with flexible hose to the unit.

Aluminium sulfate and crushed hypochlorite are injected at the intake of the raw water, which carries out a double function; first to facilitate solids sedimentation in the bottom of the settler and second to guarantee disinfection.

A basket filter of 2 mm then retains the solids that pass through the filter of the submersible pump.

The contact settler-chamber allows for its volume, to have a contact time of one hour, favouring the clarification of the raw water as well as its first disinfection. Sludge is removed periodically. Clarified water passes to the last chamber where it gets sucked by a pumping set.

The water passes then to a SILEX FILTER to eliminate the residual solids. Finally to ACTIVE COAL FILTER whose function is to eliminate the odours and present flavours in the water as well as the residual chlorine not consumed in the oxidation of the organic matter carried out in the chlorination.

The treated water is send to 10.000L tank, getting a last hypochlorite injection that allows for safe storage.